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Brother Narrow Heming Foot 7mm

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Item# XC1946-002
Choose from lots of sewing machine feet such as Bother Narrow Heming Foot 7mm!
To assist further we can provide fitting advice & help if needed, in the meantime this Brother Narrow Heming Foot 7mm is compatible with the following...
  • Brother BC2100
  • Brother BC2300
  • Brother BC2500
  • Brother BC3600
  • Brother CS100
  • Brother CS400
  • Brother CS600
  • Brother CS8060
  • Brother CS8070
  • Brother CS8080
  • Brother CS8120
  • Brother CS8130
  • Brother CS8150
  • Brother ES2000
  • Brother ES2100
  • Brother ES2400
  • Brother Innov-is 10
  • Brother Innov-is 1200
  • Brother Innov-is 400
  • Brother Innov-is 4000
  • Brother Innov-is 4000d
  • Brother Innov-is 50
  • Brother Innov-is 500
  • Brother Innov-is QC1000
  • Brother NX-200
  • Brother NX-400
  • Brother NX-600
  • Brother PS-53
  • Brother PS-55
  • Brother PS-57
  • Brother PS2500
  • Brother PS3100
  • Brother PS3700
  • Brother Innov-is 1500
  • Brother Innov-is 1500d
  • Brother Innov-is 200
  • Brother Innov-is 350SE
  • Brother Innov-is 500d
  • Brother Innov-is 900
  • Brother Innov-is 30
  • Brother PC 2800
  • Brother PC3000
  • Brother PC4000
  • Brother PS2200
  • Brother PS2300
  • Brother Star 110
  • Brother Star 130e
  • Brother Star 20e
  • Brother Star 240e
  • Brother Super Ace I
  • Brother Super Ace II
  • Brother Super Ace III
  • Brother 140e
  • Brother Super Ace
  • Brother Super Galaxie 3000
  • Brother Super Galaxie 3100
  • Brother Innov-is 10a
  • Brother Innov-is 20
  • Brother DS120
  • Brother DS140
  • Brother Innov-is 5000
  • Brother Innov-is 2200
  • Brother Innov-is NX2000
  • Brother Innov-is 55
  • Brother Innov-is 35
  • Brother Innovis V5
  • Brother Innovis V7
  • Brother Innov-is 100

The unique design of this foot creates a flat narrow hem on lightweight fabrics. This foot looks similar to the picot foot from the top. However the groove under the foot is slightly wider and flatter to form and to create a beautiful narrow hem. Start sewing with a length of thread extended from the back. Stop, pull a piece of the top edge of the fabric through the turned part of the foot and use the lenght of thread to grip as you start to sew and need to guide the thread through the foot. Bother Narrow Heming Foot 7mm

Manufacturer Brother
  1. dublin Review by koskiukas
    My overall rating is: 4 out of 5. Good

    its a great part for sewing. perfect for evening dress, fine fabrics and others. Everything from this page are fine for professional and home sewing. (Posted on 12/7/2012)

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