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Capacitor Out Of Foot Control Or Motor

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Fits to most brands of sewing machine even when the original capacitor is a different shape!
Sewing machine capacitor

This part is called a capacitor or used to be called a condenser, its is used inside the foot control of a sewing machine, or a sewing machine motor or sometimes inside the off/on switch. From time to time it will burn out and need to be replaced, usually when it burns our you will get a strong smell with a puff of smoke.

We will not list the machines this will fit as there are thousands, if you need advice please call us.

This capacitor is approx 17mm x 10mm x 4 mm deep. It most probably will not look the same shape as the original one you need to replace, but it will do the same job when fitted correctly.

Also please note, because this part is now not manufactured by a sewing machine manufacture it is sourced else where and may have shorter leads than the image or original. The short lead type is ideal for fitting on to motor PCB's, but the leads may need to be extended for fitting into foot controls.

Manufacturer Bernina, Brother, Elna, Frister Rossman, Janome, Jones, Newhome, Riccar, Silver, Singer, Toyota

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