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Brother PE Design Next Embroidery Software

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Photo stitch, over 800 built in designs, 95 fonts, density settings,gradation fill, auto digitizing with manual override settings and more. PD Design NEXT is ready to digitize
PE Design Next - Full package the latest version including, Blank Card, Card read / writer and program CD.
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  • PE Design Next - Full package the latest version including, Blank Card, Card read / writer and program CD.
  • New Windows 7 Interface - New user interface and ready for Windows 7
  • Lets import a image and use automatic digitizing to make a quick embroidery design
  • A few clicks later and we have a design ready to save, edit, add text, resize
  • We will personalise our design it by adding some text
  • Looks just perfect now, but i wonder how it would look as a cross stitch.. Its easy..

Brother's PE-Design Next a step up again from the previous version 8, in fact it's the NEXT step up! With great additions to Print and Stitch design technology, PE Design Next brings even more editing capabilities to your computer. Merge patterns without overlapped stitches, adjust underlay density and much more. It automatically converts any image into a embroidery design. The pattern is saved using the included USB card reader/writer into an included memory card. Brother's computer memory cards fit all its embroidery machines to produce the finished design.

Simple machine embroidery, loading images for conversion into the Stitch Wizard is straightforward, either via the clipboard or browsing to find the image file and then importing it. One click opens the Image to Stitch Wizard function. This takes you through several steps, the most important of which is selecting colours to create your image. The program assumes 10 colours and selects them automatically. This may be too many, say if your image is black and white so you will need to edit the colours to include just black and white. When the image has a lot of colours, you can increase the number of colours, or edit the selection so you have the right mix. The software then takes about five seconds to convert the image into a stitch pattern, most likely of tens of thousands of stitches.

The Brother PE Designs Next embroidery software can convert any image, even photos! in colour and monochrome capability.

Auto Punching - automatically sets the colour regions in order to create the embroidery stitches from a photo or clip art.

Cross Stitch Selected designs can automatically convert to cross stitch with up to 15 colours.

My Custom Thread Palette. Improved thread colour chart including manual colour selection.

Built-in Fonts - Including capability to automatically digitize True Type fonts.

Stitch Edit - Use the point edit mode to insert, move or delete stitch points.

Stitch Patterns - Use the built-in patterns to create your own.

Stitch Simulator - Displays a simulation of the machine stitching.

The program gives you a preview of what the finished embroidery will look like so you are saved the hassle of producing designs that don't work well once sewn. The Stitch Wizard gives an embroidery style that is more abstract and closer to a tactile, knitted finish than the neat look of traditional embroidery stitching.

PE-Design Next includes functions similar to a graphics package to create your own designs from scratch, rather than working from an image. There are 100 embroidery typefaces for lettering and the software loads all the typefaces on your computer as well. When it comes to stitching, the file saved via the USB card reader/writer includes instructions for sewing order, loading colours and stitch counts.

General Features:
Auto Punch function quickly converts PC graphic files to embroidery data
Photo Stitch function converts your photographs to embroidery data
Over 500 built in embroidery designs
35 built-in fonts with support for TrueType fonts and Monogramming
5 new styles of small font now available (3-6mm)
Font Creator for designing your own lettering
Easy selection and editing of the sewing order and colours
Customised stitch types for professional digitising such as colour gradation, radial stitches, spiral stitches, motif patterns, embossed fills random walking stitch and more
Auto Cross Stitch function creates beautiful cross stitches on your design
Automatic Applique Creation
Save designs in .pes, .dst, .hus, .exp, .pcs, .vip, .sew, .jef, .csd, .xxx, and .shv formats
Realistic Preview and Stitch Simulator shows how the design will be sewn out on screen before you start stitching
Compatible with all Brother embroidery machines

New Features:
New Easy-to-Use Graphical Interface
Customized Quick Access Toolbar / Customized Shortcut Keys
PE-DESIGN NEXT LINK - Link up to 4 PR-1000 or Upgraded PR-650 Machines with Queue Functionality
100 Built-in Fonts with On-Screen Typing Capability
Outline Sewing for Select Built-in Fonts
Convert Pre-digitized Text to Block for Customizing Lettering Shapes or Stitch Angles
Connection Point Setting provides the ability to change jump stitches for Lettering
Editing Capabilities in 3D Image Mode
Start Your Own Business Lettering and Design Templates
Pan Tool
Name Drop Function for Merging Names into Templates
Candlewicking Stitch and Stem Stitch
Create Spiral Floral Pattern
Circle Copy and Mirror Copy
Create Offset Lines for Decorative Effects such as Echo Quilting
Import Vector Images (WMF)
Offset Attribute for Motif Stitch Patterns
Default Size Setting for Motif Stitch Patterns and Programmed Fill Stitch
Create Embossing and Engraving Effects with Outlines and Shapes
Create Split Embroidery Designs for Jumbo Frames Using Machines with Innoveye Technology
Jump Stitch Thread Trimming Setting for PR Series Machines

Manufacturer Brother
Model Number PE Design Next
Type Software
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  1. united kingdom Review by maureen mold
    My overall rating is: 5 out of 5. Excellent

    I started embroidering many years ago and still love how quickly it is to create designs using Brother software. I had version 4 then version 7, now this NEXT version.

    Its easy to use and quick to get used to as its very much like normal windows programs like word and excell if you know what i mean.

    I will buy again from this website. Thank you. mm (Posted on 6/29/2009)

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