9 mm Wide Tappering Stitch Effects

Turn a decorative stitch into a fantastic embroidery. "Tapering"  that’s the sewing machine function by which the stitch width is automatically reduced, stitch by stitch, to create a perfect corner.

Use this function on the decorative 9 mm stitches for fantastic effects and entirely new embroidery results. The results can be connected, mirrored, and combined with other stitches to create unique designs and terrific highlights. Once you have started, it will be hard to stop.  The tapering function is offered by many Pfaff sewing machines, including the new Pfaff expression line of course.

A few examples, further suggestions, tips and tricks for using the tapering function can be found on the Internet. The below stitches were created on the Pfaff expression 3.0 using a decortive 9mm stitch. The blue is stitch number 95 and purple is stitch number 55.

Pfaff expression 9 mm stitching

Like magic turn Greek ornaments into flowers!
It’s amazing to see what can be developed from a simple stitch. Experiments with ornate stitches bring delightful results - and will give you new ideas. Give it a try.

Have fun experimenting!