A new sewing quilting and machine embroidery blog

Hello and welcome, however before I start to banter,... I would like to inform you this is my first and last post...!

Hell, after much time thinking about it and being told by many people and even an ex-employee that we should do it, I decided to create our blog. I suppose the first thing I should do is to introduce our company.

We are the "official" PFAFF distributor for Pfaff products throughout the UK. I say official because with PFAFF HQ backing we are here to help you! The goal of our Sewing Blog is to give you simple instructions on quilting, how to maintain your sewing machine, teach you the basics on how your sewing machine works and walk you step-by-step through specific sewing, embroidery and quilting techniques, plus we'll pass on the latest news directly from the manufacturers, maybe even before new products have been introduced to the public...! Later the blog will be  filled with inspirational and exciting ideas and tutorials. No.. we are not going to teach you how to thread a sewing machine, while it's running! ..... as someone asked me the other day.

That reminds me, a colleague started to make a duffle type bag but read the sewing pattern wrongly and marked the bag out in inches (pattern was in metric). When made you could have parked a volkswagon in the bag. To this day, I have no idea why it did not dawn on her during the assembly phase that something may be amiss!

I'm not trying to stitch anyone up, here, but we do hear a few funny's from our customers. Just the other day we received a call about a machine with a stitching problem. Our engineer spent 20 mins going through this and that to solve the stitching problem, later... found out the customer didn't have a needle in...! some people just dont "cotton on" to reading the instruction book first.