Husqvarna Viking Epic


The NEW Husqvarna Viking DESIGNER EPIC Sewing & Embroidery Machine

We are all being teased here, Husqvarna have begun a PRE-launch campaign for their new Designer Epic machine they boast they machine has

Over 100 New and Improved features
Over 35 Best-In-Class features vs. all other Top-of-the-line machines
Over 30 Features Only found on DESIGNER EPIC

When you think about the calibur of machines that are out at the moment like the Brother XV Dream machine, Babylock Destiny, Janome Horizon MC, and Bernina 830/880. you wonder where these additional featurs could come from or go.

I think Husqvarna are on to a winner with this one which is why it has been so low key.

I have tried to sweet talk my accounts manager at Husqvarna for some more info, just a little heads up... anything??? But she is not sharing anything and the suspense is killing me.

   Husqvarna Viking Epic
  For the next 8 weeks up until the official launch of the Husqvarna Viking EPIC (October 2015) we will release a new sneak peek vidoes of the of the features this machine has to offer. When we receive our Dealer training on the machine we will write a full and comprehensive listing from our own opinion about this machine, like all other high end machines I will take this home for my Wife to play with, she is a sewer at heart and will tell you from a sewers perspective how this machine performs. I hope until then you enjoy the Videos.  


 Video 1 - Released 5th August 2015 - Sneak Peek: The New DESIGNER EPIC™ – a First of Its Kind

 At HUSQVARNA VIKING® , we’re only a sewing company…
Our sole focus is to put the joy of sewing and unlimited creativity into the enthusiast sewer’s hands.





  Video 2 - Released 12th August 2015 - DESIGNER EPIC™: First Tablet-Like Screen

With HUSQVARNA VIKING® New DESIGNER EPIC™ sewing and embroidery machine, you’ll have the first and only interactive tablet-like screen so that you can swipe, pinch, zoom, rotate, or multiply designs easily…



 Video 3 - Released 19th August 2015 - DESIGNER EPIC™: A Smart Machine




When embroidering on the new DESIGNER EPIC™ sewing and embroidery machine you will receive instant updates on when it's time for thread changes and when the embroidery is finished as well as several other convenient features - all with the new mySewMonitor App.



 Video 4 - Released 26th August 2015 - DESIGNER EPIC™: Access Designs Anywhere


Create, store and access your designs from anywhere – with the DESIGNER EPIC™ Sewing & Embroidery machine’s new built-in storage, mySewnet cloud.





Video 5 - Released 2nd September 2015 - DESIGNER EPIC™: Sew as big as you dream


The Biggest, Lightest, and Brightest

The new HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER EPIC™ sewing and embroidery machine is the largest yet lightest top-of-the-line machine. With over 12.2 inches from needle to arm and 5.5 inches of height!

And with the most evenly distributed bright LED lights plus enhanced viewing angles, you'll be able to create anything your heart desires day or night...with ease!



 Video 6 - Released 9th September 2015 - DESIGNER EPIC™Expert level results regardless of fabric

You're unique and you like to express your style... but that requires a machine that's up to the task.

With our patented deLuxe™ Stitch System, the unique EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™ and the new exclusive JoyOS advisor™ feature, the new DESIGNER EPIC™ sewing and embroidery machine automatically sets everything for you regardless of how challenging the fabric, stitch, or technique is.


Video 7 - Released 16th September 2015 - DESIGNER EPIC™Get guidance every step of the way!



Let the 120 animated and illustrated step-by-step tutorials guide you through any project.

With our DESIGNER EPIC™ sewing and embroidery machine’s new JoyOS Advisor™ feature you’ll have the only machine with 143 years of experience right in the machine. With more than 120 animated and illustrated step-by-step tutorial it’s like having sewing classes right in your machine.



Video 8 - Released 23rd September 2015 - DESIGNER EPIC™Made for Sewers, by Sewers


We know you love to sew...

That's why we thought through even the smallest details in our new DESIGNER EPIC™ sewing and embroidery machine.

In combination with the only tablet-like touch screen, the JoyOS advisor™ with unique step-by-step tutorials, the most space, perfect work light, and much more, the DESIGNER EPIC™ machine reimagines the sewing and embroidery experience for all sewers, quilters, crafters, and hobbyists.