Husqvarna What a Brand. From Guns to sewing machines.

My first experience with Husqvarna started with a Chainsaw! Whilst working in park maintenance as a tree feller whilst in New Zealand, I had the somewhat dangerous task of felling rather large trees. I was given a 181 Husky chainsaw which was the highest power to weight ratio" saw at the time. It was great to handle and had their, new at the time, "power flow" piston. This indispensable tool allowed us to get the job done quickly and safely.

I always knew Husqvarna had a long history. It first started out as a weapons foundry in 1689 and then over the centuries produced a large range of products. The range is bizarre…from bicycles to motorcycles to yes you’ve guessed it, sewing machines, even kitchen equipment!

During the 1980’s I was an avid motorcross competitor, I was inspired by the film ‘On any Sunday’ starring Steve McQueen who chose to ride a Husqvarna Enduro Motorbike. My purchase of a Husqvarna CR250 Motorcross bike led to many happy years, spent in the dirt with my ‘Husky’. This machine was the best in its day. Although this model would be classed as ‘vintage’ now, all Husky owners knew that they could hold their own against the Japanese bikes. Outstanding power and plush suspension thanks to the Ohlin shocks, these two wheeled rockets were not for the novice rider. Like most bikes of the time, the drum brakes were great; and brakes are a great thing to have when you’re doing 90+ mph on one of these Husky’s on an open stretch. The 1983 Husqvarna 250CR used a 6 speed gear box and a giant 44mm carburetor. I won many an event thanks to the speed, versatility and reliability of that bike.

And here we are with my latest and most important purchase… I am now the proud owner of a Husqvarna sewing machine, the Designer Diamond Royale. When I went along to purchase my machine I gleamed from the salesman that the Husqvarna brand of sewing machine was a very user friendly product that was made to stitch well with a reliability made to last years. He explained things like when you want to thread the top using a reel of thread often on other machines you have to stand up to load the thread reel onto the pin but with the Husqvarna, access is simple even when sat at your machine because the thread loads from the front and not the top. Clever! You don’t have to unthread the sewing machine needle either to wind the bobbin…just pull the thread from the back of the needle to wind on to the bobbin. The thread will find its own tension when winding. Also the free arm is forward giving the user an easy angled view of the presser foot, needle and bobbin. Simple features but effective.

I’ve used many brands of sewing machine in the past for embroidering lettering or logos onto motorcross clothing, but I always stick with what I trust and because I’ve had the pleasure of using a ‘Husqvarna’ in many other different ways, it seemed the most logical thing to do and boy did I do the right thing! Again.