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Firstly I will apologise for the length of this blog post, There is loads of new sewing machines imminently about to burst on to the market and I felt the need to tell you all. This is great news but it couldn’t come at a worse time, during the build up to Christmas we are naturally very busy. The main problem we will have as a company is we don’t like to list machines with generic images or generic description, we physically have a play with all of the machines ourselves and try to give you a good hones and first had experience from a users perspective on how a machine performs to help you decide whether a machine is right for you or not.

Because we write all our own information about the sewing machines and explore the new machines ourselves before we list them on our website we are not always the first to list them online, what you will find is many dealers list them as quickly as they can with the same descriptions as everyone else in an attempt just to sell boxes and make money, we prefer to make customers happy.

So without further delay, let’s start with the list.

 brother sewing machine logo

2014 New Machines by Brother

Brother XV

Brother Top of the Range Sewing and Embroidery Machine

brother xv sewing machine

The Brand New Brother XV sewing and embroidery machine has got my wife very excited indeed. This machine is like no other that has been before it, it is packed to the hilt with the most modern innovations and features that put it leaps ahead of any of its competitors for the top spot. The features on this machine are not gimmicks they are functional features which will revolutionise home sewing and embroidery. I am thrilled to tell you we fortunately do have this listed on our website as we had a product specialist from Brother come and visit us so we had 3 days to play. I can’t spend all of the time writing this blog on this one machine so click on the image for more info, advice, images and videos on the Best machine on the market.


PE Design 10

Brother Personal Embroidery Design Software System

Brother Pe Design 10

Brother have released a new version of digitizing embroidery software, The main difference that stood out to me for the PE Design 10 software was the finer detail you can achieve when taking a photo and turning it into an embroidery design. There are loads of added features 23 to be accurate, but on top of that what you will find immediately is the ease of use as the software interface is structured on the same user interface of Microsoft Office so it is very easy to navigate and to operate to use this software easily and functionally with fantastic effect, 120 built in fonts, 10 small fonts less than 6mm, Over 1000 built in designs, 46 photo stitch samples, and there is no price increase - Due Mid October 2014


Innov-Is NV2600

Brother Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery machine

brother innov nv 2600

The new Brother NV2600 has replaced the previous and very successful Innovis NV2200XT Laura Ashley Machine, naturally there have been modifications and upgrades and this one is £200 cheaper which is a huge bonus. In a nut shell the major difference apart from the obvious design upgrade is: The speed now 850spm mainly for faster embroidery, 36 more built in embroider patterns, Fully automatic thread tension, 11 embroidery fonts , 5 sewing fonts, The New advanced SFDS feed system for true and more accurate material feeding which is a must for Quilting. Coming soon to our website- Due Mid October 2014


Innov-Is NV1800Q

Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine

brother innov nv 1800q

The Brother NV1800Q like its big sister the NV2600 is replacing the older Laura Ashley Quilting Machine the NV2000. The New Innov-Is 1800Q has the new Square Feed Drive System for precision feeding and it also has the new fully automatic threads tension unit. Another new feature this machine has which it predecessor didn't is the New Pivot Feature so the presser foot will automatically lift while the needle is in the down position. This machine also comes with a wide extension table, 99 utility stitches and 133 decorative stitches as well as 5 built in alphabet fonts. Coming soon to our website- Due Mid October 2014


Innov-Is NV800E

Brother Embroidery Machine

Brother 800e embroidery machine

Unlike the two previous mentioned, the new Brother NV800e is not replacing anything it is a new addition to the Embroidery only Range, This will sit comfortably between the Brother NV750E and the Huge V3. The Innovis 800 is a mid range embroidery machine which has a good size 160mm x 260mm embroidery area, 11 Built in font styles and 138 built in embroidery designs it runs at an optimal top speed of 850 stitches per minute so embroidery is faster, the Screen is now a brightly lit coloured touch screen which also now has the Fast-font editing ability. This is a great addition to the already fantastic Brother Embroidery Range. Coming soon to our website- Due Mid October 2014


Innov-Is NV1300

Brother Large Sewing machine

Brother NV1300 sewing machine

Brother are making their machines larger, to provided for those adventurous sewers among you. Until now Brother only had sewing machines with a 6", 7.5" and 11.25" sewing machine work space, which mean a huge price jump from £749 to £1999 which was a huge amount, now you don't have to spend a fortune to have that large Brother sewing machine that you've always wanted, the Innov-IS 1300 & the Innovis 1100 with its larger 8.5" bed will bridge the barrier quite nicely.


Innov-Is NV1100

Brother Sewing Machine

Brother NV1300 sewing machine

The new Brother Innov-Is 1100 is big like its brother the NV1300, so I'll not keep going on about it so I'll just list some features that they both share. 8.5" sewing space, Automatic advanced needle threader, LED Lights, FAST wind bobbin system, SFDS, Lock stitch Button, Adjustable tread tension, 10 styles of 1-step buttonholes, Speed control, Alphabet stitches, Mirror imaging, Knee lift, Hard case, Drop feed, Presser foot levelling button, Quick set bobbin, Walking foot is optional.

 pfaff sewing machine logo

New Machines by Pfaff

Expression 3.5

Pfaff Long arm Sewing and Quilting machine

pfaff expression 3.5

Pfaff are due to launch a new quilting machine, this will be replacing the current Expression 3.2 which was launched in April 2014 the main upgrade to the expression 3 range is the inclusion of tapering stitches, built in thread cutter, stitch sequencing and memory along with alphabet stitches and the and the start/stop button, to be honest these isn't a great deal of difference between the 3.2 and the 3.5 but what this does mean is the price restriction on the 3.2 has now been lifted and we have stock to clear the so the price is down from £1199 to £945 and there is an ex demo machine available for the 3.2. The 3.5 is Due Mid October 2014


Smarter 160 By Pfaff

Pfaff Beginners duriable sewing machine

pfaff smarter 160s

The Smarter 160 Sewing Machine by Pfaff is a fantastic introductory machine, This will eventually replace the Pfaff Hobby 1122 which has been out for a very long time, The smarter boasts a modest 23 Stitch range including a 1 step button hole, it has a built in needle threader and a 6mm wide stitch which is big for a beginners machine. There is a drop feed feature and adjustable tensions and presser foot pressure this machine also has a bright LED light and a hard cover. Coming soon to our website – Just arrived in stock today 26th September 2014 Just in time for Christmas.

Another exciting new model re-introduced is the felting machine, this new embellisher uses new features over and above all other embellisher's from other brands. 

 pfaff sewing machine logo

New Machines by Singer


Singer Professional Sewing Machine

Singer 9980 Sewing Machine

Singer continues to expand their range but now they are pushing up their higher end. The new Singer Quantum 9980 Sewing machine will accompany the already very successful Singer 9960 Quilting Machine; these are so popular that Singer can't get enough in the UK to supply for demand. The 9980 is rammed goodies and as always at a very affordable price. A whopping array of 840 stitches where as the 9960 is more for the quilters the new 9980 is geared toward the more exciting dressmakers and artistic machinists, this sewing machine is very smooth and an absolute pleasure to drive. IN STOCK


One Plus

Singer celebration domestic sewing machine

Singer One Plus sewing machine

The New Singer One Plus sewing machine is an accident, but a very good accident. Singer Sewing Machine Company celebrated their 160th Anniversary 3 years ago and as a promotion launched the Singer 160 sewing machine, but this was only an anniversary model and was only available for one year. Due to its popularity and very high demand Singer had to re release the 160 as the Singer One and people have fallen in love with it. Now people want more so the Singer One+ was designed and developed thankfully. IN STOCK

 Husqvarna sewing machine logo

New Machines by Husqvarna

Designer Ruby Royale

Husqvarna high end sewing and embroidery machine

Husqvarna Designer Ruby Royale

The New Husqvarna Designer Ruby Royale will replace the current Designer Ruby again now we have reduced the price of the Designer Ruby and an Ex Demo model available at a fantastic price and it is in near new condition with a full 5 year warranty "CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO" The new Designer Ruby Royale has had a software update to make it faster to process designs. Now with 357 built in embroidery designs and on screen customization, Like Pfaff, Husqvarna embroidery designs are all of prestigious quality every detail is finely perfected before being added to this machine. We are looking forward to getting our hands on this new machine, more info to follow October 2014


Designer Topaz 40

Husqvarna Mid Range sewing and embroidery machine

Husqvarna Designer Topaz 40

The New Husqvarna Designer Topaz 40 chassis is based on the same design as the fantastic Husqvarna Opal range. The Topaz 40 is a brand new addition to the Husqvarna Embroidery Machine Range and it to sit in Between the larger Designer Topaz 50 and the smaller Topaz 25 but with a few more added bonuses. The main obvious addition is the colour touch screen and 100 Built in designs and a Embroidery design, combine, edit and save function. 208 sewing stitches and a maximum sewing speed of 800spm. This machine also comes with a Designer Jewel Embroidery hoop and 8 snap on sewing machine feet. Due in store October 2014

 Janome sewing machine logo

New Machines By Janome

Atelier 5

Janome Computerised sewing machine

Janome Atelier 5 sewing machine

Janome have done it again, they've unleashed a beast, and the new Atelier 5 will be available to buy from the 8th October 2014 and will be unveiled at Alexandra Palace. This new Janome sewing machine is versatile, able to quilt, do home decor and fashion sewing, Not only that this will be available to with optional kits sewing kits available at discounted prices. This sewing machine has an 8.3" sewing arm, 170 built in stitches, 10 buttonhole styles, alphabet stitches, High Resolution touch screen, comes with straight stitch needle plate, Auto thread cutter, Auto thread tension, built in needle threader, knee lifter. The Atelier 5 sewing machine is designed to fit at the higher end of the computerised sewing machine before you get to the Big Horizon sized machines so not as heavy to carry.

 Toyota sewing machine logo

New Machines by Toyota

New additions

Toyota sewing machines

coming soon

Toyota are introducing many new machines to their range, this will fit in amongst the ECO range, the RS200 range and the Toyota Super Jeans Range. Toyota sewing machines are perfect for beginners they are easy to us and not complicated at all. The Super Jeans is one of our most popular selling machines and is fantastically robust considering its low low price. There is a Toyota sewing machine for everyone, if you looking for a beginner’s sewing machine or a Christmas present for someone special who is just getting into sewing then look no further.

 silver sewing machine logo

New Machines by Silver

Coming soon

Silver will be Celebrating 25 years in domestic sewing machines

coming soon

Unfortunately I am not aloud to divulge any specifics about the new Silver machines until they are launched, Sorry but please do keep an eye on the Silver Sewing Machines Range for the new additions on our WEBSITE


I really hope that wasn’t to painful for you all, If you need further advice or want to be cheeky and try to do a deal with me, don’t hesitate to call on 0191 25 25 825.

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