Toyota sewing machine sewing thick Jeans

Toyota has always been a machine for the more discerning sewer; the home sewer that simply wants a sewing machine that must have a good array of stitches, be reliable and most importantly must have a reasonable price tag.

Probably no other brand can match Toyota for price and stitch options up to a certain level. A lot of the Toyota machines, even at the most basic price level, i.e. under £100, offer a top loading bobbin which is not normally found on sewing machines until you reach the price range of £150 plus. When you are thinking of making a purchase, Toyota has to be amongst the fore runners when making a purchase of a basic machine.

In years to come you know you will be able to get parts and accessories needed when servicing your machine, not like some unfamiliar brands of sewing machines that will only last a few years or are one-off’s with no pedigree. Our back yard is full of discarded unknown cheap and chatty machines that definitely don’t do what they say in the literature.

Toyota does have a history dating back many years. Although ‘Toyota’ is traditionally best known for its cars, in 1946 the founder of the Toyota Motor Company, Kiichiro Toyoda himself, decided to build a sewing machine, a product that he felt every household should have, basic, beautiful, yet functional, and like the cars, Toyota sewing machines have become a worldwide brand, compact and affordable.