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What are steam press heating plates made of?

Jul 30, 2019 14:26:51 PM From knowledge base category How to get the most from an Ironing Press 705 Views.

What are steam press heating plates made of?

Heating plates are made from different types of metals, but most of which are made from a type of alloy, for example aluminum, which is light and carries heat well. Other heating plates can be made from many different ceramic composites.

Whilst using and testing, I have found one particular press intriguing when it comes to the clever heating plate. Let me explain.

The Megapress steam generator looks like a regular steam press, however it does have two very important differences over its competitors and one is the heating plate. When using a regular steam press as you would expect once it has reached its operating temperature the alloy top heating plate is hot. In fact very hot to touch and you can feel the heat it generates, a bit like you would from a heater to warm a room.

This Megapress is very different, it uses a special heating plate that gets very hot as normal, but for an unknown reason to me the heat does not penetrate past the heating plate! what i mean is you can put your hand about an inch away from the very hot alloy plate and you will not feel the heat.!

The other difference is, it generates steam like a kettle..! Read more about it using the link above.

Another question we are often asked; Are the heating plates none-stick like a small domestic iron? Most heating plates are coated with a non stick coating which is only a few microns thick. This coating may be "Teflon" and will help protect nylon clothing from melting or sticking to the upper sole plate.

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