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What are the pressing cushions for?

Jul 30, 2019 12:58:07 PM From knowledge base category How to get the most from an Ironing Press 1185 Views.

What are the pressing cushions for? Most steam presses include a small cushion or two, that are far to small to use on your sofa! The longest pressing cushion is ideal for shirt sleeves and shoulder tops. The cushion fits nicely into those awkward gathered areas of fabric. The smaller cushion is for trouser tops and pockets etc.

An example would be, garments constructed with details such as darts, curved seams and shoulder pads would be pressed more easily with a pressing cushion in position. Use the cushion in areas where no creases are desired or to shape a tailored garment.

Place the area to be pressed onto the Ironing board. Place the pressing cushion under the dart, seam, etc. Making sure that the area to be pressed is raised; lower the pressing plate until it meets the raised area. Remember; do not force the plate to its lowest position, as this may cause damage to the unit.

While using a pressing cushion always remember! Ironing delicate fabrics by placing the pressing cushion between the fabric and the plate may help.

Zips, you may need to take special care to avoid melting plastic zip on a skirt. In order to do so, place the garment face down and cover with a pressing cushion before pressing. Spray bottle may be used to spray the fabric lightly. This will further help to remove stubborn wrinkles. Place a damp cloth over the fabric before pressing, which will help with stubborn wrinkles or heavy gauge fabrics.

To press large pieces of fabric, place entire piece behind the Ironing Board. Pull the fabric towards you, over the Ironing Board area and lower the Pressing Plate. Press the fabric in sections until completed.

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