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What about King Size bedding

Dec 16, 2020 09:56:27 AM From knowledge base category How to get the most from an Ironing Press 125 Views.

The roller press is very wide but not 5ft or 6ft wide like a King Size bed!

Bedding can be folded; you can easily iron double layers in one go.

Remember, don’t iron creases into bedding.

Because the roller irons we sell sell offer a unique feature, which is that they are open both ends. This allows larger items to hang off the end, only by an inch or less, but this is enough to stop creases in bedding.

Make sure the fold is hanging half an inch over the roller edge so it will not become creased. As far as I know the Pfaff/Megapress Roller Iron manufactured by Holek in Europe are the only one on the market to offer open sides Ironing.

Again, when using a regular Ironing press, the larger bedding can be folded. Using a larger press you can can Iron quicker. The powerful steam can penetrate multiple fabric layers. Depending on the bedding fabric type and thickness will dictate how many thicknesses you will be able to Iron on one pressing action.

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