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Needle breaks or gets bent while stitching

Jul 30, 2019 12:12:53 PM From knowledge base category Sewing Machine Troubleshooting 8748 Views.

Needle breaks or gets bent while stitching First check to see if the needle is fully inserted and that the needle clamp screw is tight. Is the needle the correct size and type for the material being sewn? Other causes are a bent needle.

It is very difficult to see if a needle is bent with the naked eye. A tip for checking to see if the sewing machine needle is indeed bent is too remove it, place it on a flat surface with the needle’s shank flat side facing down. Straight away you can see if the needle is rocking back and forth or is it laying perfectly flat!

Check for a loose presser foot, or has the plate under the presser foot become loose.

Apart from the needle problems mentioned above, needle snapping can only be caused by one of the next two issues. Is the user pulling the material through the machine? (Most likely) Only guide the fabric and let the machine feed it through, as it is made to do.

Pulling the fabric causes the needle to bend while the machine is stitching. A bent needle will hit the bobbin case and snap. The timing is out? (Least likely) however if the user has been pulling the fabric through and jammed the machine or snapped a needle! Then the timing may be out.

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