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Needle Threader Not Working

Nov 12, 2019 15:11:12 PM From knowledge base category Sewing Machine Troubleshooting 2712 Views.

We ofter hear customers telling us that their automatic needle threader is not working.

To ensure it operates correctly, please follow these helpful tips. There are a couple of things you can do if you are still having a problem.

1. Please make sure the needle is at its most upper position by turning the handwheel towards you in an anticlockwise direction.

2, When pulling the threader down, hold it gently. Let the threader mechanism do it's job. Make sure you are not using too much force to push the threader down.

On the most basic threaders: The threader unit slides down along a shaft then swings into position. It is very easy to offer too much force while swinging the needle threader into position, especially if it is the type where you have swing the threader using your hand.

3. The threader uses a tiny hook that goes through the eye of the needle, which is easily bent.

This normally happens when the needle was not at it's most upper position before use.

However, it can also be easily bent to the correct position again with your fingernail. A small amount of pressure from your fingernail on the threader hook can point it to the correct position to correctly go through the needle eye.

Overall, through experience, it tells us users often are pushing the needle threader with a little too much force into the wrong position, instead of letting the mechanism slide into position...95% of the time this is the problem.

Threads can be purchased from as little as £3 to £9. They are classed as a replaceable item, just like a sewing machine needle needs replacing, so does a needle threader hook from time to time.

If your machine does not use have a threader built-in, unfortunately, it is not possible to fit one. This type is probably the best alternative, and it can be used to thread any sewing or overlock machine needles. Check out the video.




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