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Which size Rotary Iron to get

Dec 16, 2020 10:28:42 AM From knowledge base category How to get the most from an Ironing Press 131 Views.

Roller Presses are available in a few different widths.

However, over the years two sizes have proved more popular than others 65cm and the 85cm wide rollers.

The most popular size being the larger Pfaff/Megapress 580 model with it’s 85 cm wide heated roller.

I think this size is just about perfect. Small enough when folded to be nearly not noticeable in a room? Yet, when in it’s working position the 85 cm width covers all Ironing clothing, bedding and linens with ease.

The 580 also has open ends so tubular items can be ironed more easily like for example a child’s dress. Simply use the very end of the roller e.g. the last 6 inches of the roller would iron the small childs dress, whilst the dress body would be supported to the right hand side of the roller. Even the largest rotary press can iron small items.!

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