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I don't know which size steam press I need?

Jul 30, 2019 14:10:46 PM From knowledge base category How to get the most from an Ironing Press 393 Views.

I don't know which size steam press I need? Who says size is not important!

Well for regular domestic use, the medium size steam press is ideal. Ideal because its fairly light weight and not huge like some. Smaller or compact steam press are ideal for small homes with maybe only one or two people, bedding can still be presses on these presses, but it may take slightly long.

Remember these compact size presses are still about 8 times the size of the old hand irons, so bedding is not a problem and each sheet can be ironed in 2, 3 or 4 layers per pressing action.

The larger presses are perfect for larger homes, small guest houses, public houses. They are heavy and may be more difficult to store because of the larger size. But when it comes to bedding from a B&B or table cloths from a restaurant, these big steam presses have a big advantage where time spent ironing is very important.

An alternative would be a roller press for this type of professional ironing as they are designed for commercial use. Where as most steam presses and designed for home use.

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