Horn 2042 Superior Master Sewing Cabinet

The Superior is Superior, The true all out one mand band. Cupboards, Draws, Storage and foot wells every where a complete tailors station you could want any more.
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Includes delivery and Insert also fitted with the longer Maxi lifter

The New Superioris a monster. there is over 2.5 square meters of work surface. Now that is massive, it takes me 15 paces to walk around this cabinet when fully opened. To me that not a work station but instead it's a place of work.

NEW Electric Lifter Available
Horn have introduced the Electric Lifter for this particular Cabinet. Alos available to order separately by phone if you already have a maxi cabinet with an opening between 61.5-62.5cm Excluding the Quilters Delight Mk2.

The electric lifter allows your machine to raise and lower with very little effort at all. You can save up to 3 preset positions such as Stored, Flatbed and Raised.An on/off switch ensures that the position can't accidentally be changed while sewing with as rocker switch to control the working position.

The feature packed Superior looks formidable with its immaculately finished soft formed edges and wide choice of colour. As is always the case the horn quality is not restricted to the athetics of the cabinet but instead down to the last nut and bolt. Inside and out all Horn cabinets are covered in a high spec hard wearing veneer which is there for the long haul. There are three different choices of finish for the Horn Superior to suit your choice which is why this can be a real enjoyable place to work. with all this space you can afford to pretty things up by putting family photo's or even a pot plant on the cabinet it really is big enough.

The Horn 2042 Superior cabinet is crafted in White, Beech and Teak.


The new air lifter makes lowering and raising the machine so much easier, regardless of what machine you have. The 3 step air-lift system, is suitable for all domestic makes of sewing machines. With a gentle hiss it brings your machine to the desired position. The Air lift system is the olympic heavyweight power lifter when it comes to lifting sewing machines it can handle them all including the Pfaff Icon, Sensation, Performance, Bernina 800 series, Husqvarna Epic, Diamond, Ruby DeLuxe, Brother XV, V7/5/3, Janome Horizon. Seriously just a gentle push on the soft touch air lift system is all that is needed to raises your machine from storage to flat bed or fully exposed. The centre of the needle sewing position allows you to be directly in front of the needle when sewing so you maintain control.

The huge flapped work top to the rear of Superior is supported by a sturdy gate leg, this offers excellent support when leaning on or cutting out. The 126.5cm x 64.5cm space is perfect cutting station.

The double drawer caddy system can be hidden away within the cabinet. When deployed it be be situated anywhere you like as a free standing unit or you can position it and lock it place close to your sewing space, if extra room was requires. Or as I like to do I set it at the end of the cabinet, so the whole set up is like an "L" shape and I permanently position and overlocker on their. Just a swivel seats push away and always at hand.

This cabinet is fitted with the maxi type air lifter #1932 - 61cm wide.

Dimensions in cm
Closed size 126.5 X 56 deep and 76cm high.

Beech White


Please note: All horn products are manufactured to order and come directly from the supplier. Delivery time varies depending on the product. please click here (opens in a new window) for specific delivery information.

Manufacturer Horn Furniture
Model Number 2042 Superior

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