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Video description:

Everyone wants to create lovely embroidery designs, now it is a simple task.! By using the embroidery software included with the Husqvarna Viking 600e you can use the Autopunch function to digitize images to produce an embroidery file to send to the sewing machine.

Here we start by choosing a image and quickly use the autopunch function. It opens a new window and we are asked.. do we want to crop the image, even edit the image in the built in drawing program, what size, how many colours, do we want satin fill or weave.

Once we have digitized it, we use some of the new editing functions in the software and change colours, delete stitches, add stitches, change stitch blocks, change weave angle and pattern, edit satin stitch and change the stitch direction to give it a more realistic look. Lastly we add lettering now it is ready to send to the Husqvarna 600e to sew out.
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