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Playing Pfaff Twin Welting or Double Piping Foot Video

This video shows an example on how to use the Pfaff Twin Welting or Double Piping Foot. When your ready select another video tutorial, demo or how-to sewing machine feet and accessories video from the list below.


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Video description:

Step by step guide to using this twin welting or double piping foot.
Firstly make bias strips long enough to cover cords and wide enough to wrap around two cords plus seam allowance.

Place cords on wrong side of bias strip, side by side, and wrap fabric around cords.

Place fabric and cord under presser foot with right cord under left groove of foot and raw edges to right.

Adjust to center needle position, straight stitch and stitch length 3.

Keep cords against fold while sewing.

Sandwich cord between fabric and seam.

Trim fabric close to seam and press seam allowance to left.

Put covered cord under two grooves of presser foot and stitch between two cords.

Stitch: Straight

Stitch length: 3

Tension: 3 - 5
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