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Playing Singer 1/4 Inch Patchwork Quilting Foot Video

This video shows an example on how to use the Singer 1/4 Inch Patchwork Quilting Foot. When your ready select another video tutorial, demo or how-to sewing machine feet and accessories video from the list below.


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Video description:

Thinking of patchwork as a technique to simply use up fabric scraps for sewing patched bedspreads is so yesterday! Mixing and matching fabrics is great fun and offers a wide variety of creative expressions.

Out-of-the-ordinary fabric and color combinations often make the best mix. Even beginners can achieve fast and beautiful results – with the right accessories on hand! For quiltwork, the sewing of patches is always the first step to fascinating works of art. Patchwork, however, can easily turn into a passion. Once started, the majority is hooked on this fun-filled activity for life!

Theres one thing we all agree on: Patchwork looks best with the corners of all fabric pieces precisely aligned, hence accurate cutting and piecing is essential. Using the Singer quarter inch foot, its a hassle-free affair. It provides an accurate 1/4 inch (approx. 6 mm) seam allowance generally used in patchwork. The markings on the foot are also ideal for precise top stitching, quilting and sewing of narrow seams. Accurate straight cutting is the only thing you need to worry about!
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