Horn Cabinet Plastic Filler Plate

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Filler plate, insert, blank whichever you know it best as. This is available cut or uncut large or small. perfect for completing your sewing cabinet
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Have yours tailor-made. This can be cut to fit perfectly around your machine whichever one it may be old or new Horn can cut for them all.

This insert is a piece of high tensile crystal clear plexiglass or plastic. it can be custom cut to fit around your machine. The Insert fills the gap between the sewing machine and the opening of the cabinet to create a flat working surface. When fitted around your machine and set within your cabinet this insert will turn your domestic machine into a flatbed industrial with a massive extended work area, but without the noise, mess or weight. Simply select your machine Brand and Model and we'll do the rest.

Why would you have it uncut?
Well an uncut or blank insert in situ can be very handy indeed. What I like to do with mine in my Horn Cub is strategically positioned some white polycotton over the insert and a daylight lamp  under the table as an up-lighter, and you have the best lightbox that you could possibly wish to own, it's perfect when I'm doing papercraft, cross-stitch or patchwork.

The inserts are available in various sizes to fit all of Horns sewing cabinets old or new, for all machines large or small.

There are several sizes available:

30cm wide x 28.5cm deep, for the Horn Foldaway sewing table and Hide-away table.
48cm wide x 28.5cm deep(Standard size)
53cm wide x 28.5cm deep(Long size),
61.5cm wide x 32.5cm deep (for the MAXI lift)
61.5cm wide x 33cm deep (for the Quilters Delight and the Elements sewing table)
62.5cm wide x 33.9cm deep for the Sewers Vision Cabinet
*** the gap width is measured from left to right as you are facing the cabinet and the depth is from front to back. ***

These filler plates can be purchased separately... either cut to machine shape or uncut for a ready-made craft lightbox or up-lighter. Ideal for quick and easy tracing of drawings, pictures and designs, for art, embossing, quilting, stencilling and many other crafts and projects...!

Remember though if it's a cabinet your looking for and you are only looking at the insert as an extra bear in mind we do offer a free insert with all cabinets purchased from our good selves, cut or uncut.

  Please note: All horn products are manufactured to order and come directly from the supplier. Delivery time varies depending on the product. please click here (opens in a new window) for specific delivery information.

Manufacturer Horn Furniture
Model Number Filler Plate

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