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Yes, we have loads of sewing machine reviews.! If your looking for product reviews and ratings you can access all the information right here.

No we're not going to tell you which sewing machine is the best value or the most reliable..! we're going to let users, in fact our customers tell you them selves..!

Presently we have over 1000 reviews on all type of sewing related products. Choosing a new sewing machine can be a tough decision. Lots of machines look similar but all stitch in a different way. At any time when you want independent advice call us. We only sell leading brands and can advise on the best model for you needs.

We often here..., how long it is likely to last? will it sew heavy fabric? how many stitches does it have? how easy is it to use? Use these consumer product reviews, rating stars and buying advice pages to help make the most informed decision of which model and where to purchase. Don't forget we offer 30 day returns if you still not 100% sure.



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  • Review by Drew74656


    I bought the machine for upholstery purposes and I’m impressed, it will see easily through 6 thick upholstery fabrics with ease. After 2 years, I thought I’d have a go with its embroidery feature and found it very easy to use too.

    Location: Yorkshire

    Posted on 10th of May 2021

  • Review by Toggles S


    Bought this from Sewing Machine Sales 3 years ago, great service. It is still my favourite sewing machine. It’s just so easy, quick and reliable and specifically for me no electronics to fail. This machine is a life time purchase and will outlive me ! Super quality stitches every time, and stops dead, the thread cutter is quick and leaves very short threads and when you sew again there are never any birds nests. The needle threader has never worked for me but that doesn’t effect what I think about this machine, worth every penny in my mind.

    Location: Shildon, County Durham

    Posted on 2nd of May 2021

  • Review by Gillian M


    Very lovely machine. For over 20 years, I used my trusted MC4000 without a single problem, so when I decided to upgrade I decided to stick with Janome. Brilliant machine and easy to use once you have mastered the menus. Only criticism I have is the needle threader which doesn't work. Sewing Machine Sales have said they will fix it but it means packing up and returning the whole machine and, quite frankly, that's just too much hassle and expense for such a small 'luxury'. Bit irritating though. Otherwise, the function and look of the machine is beautiful.

    Location: Folkestone

    Posted on 29th of April 2021

  • Review by Lee R


    I had been looking for a while for a new sewing machine, then l found the website for sewing machine sales. Excellent, then l found the husqvarna opal 670, it had everything l wanted, start stop button, needle up down, scissor cut, even thread bobbin from neadle. Loads of decorative stitches and letters. I watched a vidio on how the machine works and was well impressed. Had to buy one, so glad I did. I love this machine, highly recommend also a great extension table, big and strong. Not forgetting the excellent friendly customer service. Brilliant.

    Location: Huntington

    Posted on 28th of April 2021

  • Review by Julie E


    Arrived exactly as described, brilliant machine, easy to use. Extremely pleased with the service and purchase. Many thanks.

    Location: Ainsdale

    Posted on 27th of April 2021

  • Review by Megan B


    Was very easy to set up and learn how to use as a beginner. Modern looking machine, great quality!

    Location: Bedfordshire

    Posted on 24th of April 2021

  • Review by Lewis S


    The quality is soon apparent as I took it out from its box. As I started my first cushion which my new m200 handled the thicker brocade and zips quickly. My next project is a dog coat as soon as I can get more fabric.

    Location: Stevenson

    Posted on 22nd of April 2021

  • Review by Jess


    Was recommended the Brother Innov-is 15 by a friend and did a bit of research too... and I can say I am very happy with my purchase. The other day I just whipped it out and quickly repaired a hole in my jeans. It is really light and very straight forward to use. Belief this will stand me in good stead for many many years to come. Sewing Machine Sales were extremely quick to deliver and very pleased with the price and service.

    Location: Wales

    Posted on 19th of April 2021

  • Review by Karen S


    Very pleased with this machine. Much better than my old one. I love the automatic needle threader.

    Location: Haworth, West Yorkshire

    Posted on 7th of April 2021

  • Review by Carol P


    I had borrowed a friend's Silver 2001 Sewing Machine as I'd been having problems with another make of machine. I wanted to make Self Binding Blankets for our new Grandchild. I really liked the smoothness of the Silver 2001 machine and therefore looked to buy one of the same make. I am new to Computerised sewing and still have a lot to learn and explore with the Silver 197. The performance of the machine is smooth and it is quiet .I love the fact that I can use a slower speed and have more control of what I am sewing but also to use faster speeds when I gain more confidence!. At the moment I am enjoying using the machine to make some cushion covers. I am looking forward to getting more creative with this lovely machine. Customer service was excellent.

    Location: Devon

    Posted on 29th of March 2021

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