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  • Review by Happy sewing


    Over the years I have loved sewing and this machine is the easiest and best I’ve had. It’s so easy to use - instruction booklet is good - the guidelines printed on the top of the machine is helpful on how to thread the machine. I love it

    Location: North east

    Posted on 27th of September 2020

  • Review by Mai


    Very happy and impressed with my singer m2105. I’m a beginner and am happy with how easy it is to work. Does every thing I need it to do.

    Location: Suffolk

    Posted on 22nd of September 2020

  • Review by Lisa F


    Friendly efficient and fast service. A compact machine that can easily take a double quilt. Great for dressmaking, can cope with heavy duty fabrics. Easy to use and quiet. Very happy with my purchase

    Location: Worcester

    Posted on 5th of September 2020

  • Review by Emma M


    This is a fantastic machine. You can literally take it out of the box and start sewing. It tackles multiple layers of fabric with ease and the needle down button and speed limiter function makes it an ideal machine for a beginner. As a dressmaker and sewing tutor this machine has everything for a beginner to happily start sewing and enough features for advanced sewing too. The delivery was superfast too. All in all, I'm delighted with my purchase.

    Location: Ireland

    Posted on 5th of September 2020

  • Review by Alfie B


    Very good machine and fast delivery.

    Location: Cornwall

    Posted on 30th of August 2020

  • Review by Rick C


    I upgraded to this machine from a single needle Brother 800e embroidery, and what a huge difference. The computerised functions are amazing at what can be done on the screen. It embroiders perfectly and super fast too. Ideal for my custom car seat embroidery.

    Location: Cheshire

    Posted on 29th of August 2020

  • Review by Christine D


    I bought this machine 2 weeks ago and I absolutely love it. I was debating whether or not I should push my budget for this machine but I am so glad I did because the touch screen alone is definitely worth the extra money. It's a quiet machine and sews very smoothly with perfect stitches. I've spent most of my time practising the various stitches. The alphabet stitches are great to add names to projects although the size of the script is not adjustable but this it's fine for me. It's a dream to sew with the lock stitch, thread cutter and the option to stitch without the foot pedal is useful. I'm still learning all its features but it is definitely worth the money. If you are a serious sewer who sews on a weekly basis, this is definitely a machine which will keep up with all your sewing projects. I haven't tested it out on thicker fabric yet but I have a 20 year old electronic Quantum machine which managed thicker fabrics fine so I'm sure this will and it's definitely more robust. I was very pleased with the price from Sewing Machine Sales which was the best price on the marked at the time I bought it and the service and delivery was excellent.

    Location: London

    Posted on 25th of August 2020

  • Review by Elaine G


    As others have said this is a dream of a machine, with a huge working space. I am still working through a stitch book, 2 weeks after purchase, as it can do so much. Great service from Sewing machine sales, Thank you.

    Location: Dorset

    Posted on 20th of August 2020

  • Review by Northernlass55


    Love this machine. Very quiet. Really like that you can sew without the foot pedal and it actually threads itself. So many stitches and very easy to use. Massive improvement on my old electric sewing machine and is very smooth. Just buy this and you’ll have no regrets. Delivered very promptly and a free 10 year parts and labour guarantee.

    Location: Blyth Northumberland

    Posted on 17th of August 2020

  • Review by Trista


    Bought this as a first sewing machine for my daughter. Delivery was very quick, with good communication for a one-hour timed slot. My daughter learned to use the machine very quickly and is very happy with it. It is more solid than I expected and also comes with a bag of extras - scissors and other things that she says are useful. Very good purchase.

    Location: London

    Posted on 9th of August 2020

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