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  • Review by Juliette S


    Previously I had a Bernina Quilters machine for over 25 years which no longer works. Looking at many reviews and models and prices I decided on Pfaff 610. The IDT system initially sold me on this instead of another Bernina. With arthritic wrists It is certainly easier to put the bobbin in the top than a front fact bobbin holder. The led lights are excellent, the needle threader a plus and like the tie off. As I have only had a week I haven't thoroughly explored yet but so far very pleased with this machine.

    Location: London

    Posted on 28th of November 2020

  • Review by snowdrop28


    Fantastic sewing and embroidery machine I have ever used. Easy to follow instructions and even after 2 years I still find it fascinating to watch as it sews! Preferred to choose a combined sewing/embroidery machine rather than have two machines on the go at once. All you need to do is change over the needle foot and disconnect the embroidery unit, plain and simple. Very good product for the price and would recommend to any first time user, just like I was. Very very pleased.

    Location: Cambridgeshire

    Posted on 23rd of November 2020

  • Review by Victoria


    Great machine for the price. Has a range of useful features, such as a needle threader, overlocking stitches, and the ability to drop the feed dogs. My only criticisms are that the hard cover doesn't fit snugly so would still let in dust, and that the machine jams a little too easily when back-stitching (although this may just require some trouble-shooting). I would still recommend this machine to a beginner as the instructions are clear and comprehensive.

    Location: Manchester

    Posted on 15th of November 2020

  • Review by Sheila


    I've only been using this sewing mahine for a few days and still getting used to it. I have learnt a lot from the excellent information books and have been altering a few clothes of all of different thicknesses and materials. I was keen to have a machine to cope with stretch fabric and the Brother Innovis F420 works like a dream. Gone are the days of broken threads and missed stiching. Next to play with the patterns and try quilting!!

    Location: Lincolnshire

    Posted on 15th of November 2020

  • Review by Bubbles


    I am extremely pleased with my new Singer sewing machine. I was amased how quickly it was delivered. Really sturdy machine and so easy to operate. Definitely recommed this machine!

    Location: Northern Ireland

    Posted on 15th of November 2020

  • Review by Delphus


    What a great machine, replaced a 25 year old workhorse and so glad I chose this one. Quiet, easy, great light and intuitive to use. And excellent service from this website. Considerably cheaper than Amazon too!

    Location: Yorkshire, UK

    Posted on 9th of November 2020

  • Review by Sylvia


    This looks a lovely machine. So far I have only tried out a selection of stitches and not a full garment as yet. But it is smooth in operation and the manual is first class with very simple and easy to understand explanation yet with full detail of it's stitches and their uses. It has a choice of 60 stitches including some embroidery, more than enough for me. I'm looking forward to making my first dress

    Location: Warwickshire

    Posted on 1st of November 2020

  • Review by Deidre W


    When I last had a sewing machine i had to turn the handle but I made most of my children;s clothes, Lockdown boredom has got me sewing again I just couldn't wish for a better machine than this one. When I have made all the things my husband and myself need it will be my great grand children I will be sewing for. The Instruction book that came with it has made the setting up, filling and loading bobbin so easy.

    Location: Somerset

    Posted on 31st of October 2020

  • Review by Lynne H


    Brother Innov-is V5LE Embroidery Sewing Machine. Decided to treat myself to the machine during these unprecedented times. So easy to set up and start off with the basics. Wish I had made the move much sooner. So excited to working my way through all the various settings and making many creations. Customer service and delivery was outstanding too. Highly recommend this company and machine- 5 stars are not enough.

    Location: Derbyshire

    Posted on 28th of October 2020

  • Review by Tony M


    Excellent machine, easy to use but capable and quiet in operation.

    Location: Pocklington

    Posted on 28th of October 2020

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