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  • Review by Sue


    This is the 3rd machine I have purchased from this company and each time I have found them to be extremely helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. The Janome 15000 is a truly fabulous machine. As a quilter I find the machine feeds the 3 layers of fabric through easily and smoothly. The wealth of built in stitches and embroidery patterns help to elevate quilting to a whole new level and sewing on this machine is an absolute joy.

    Location: Trent

    Posted on 31st of October 2019

  • Review by Edie


    Impressed with fast delivery and very impressed with the machine. You cannot tell it is ex-display apart from the box it came in which had obviously been re-sealed. Otherwise I tested the machine on all types of stitches and button holes. Now I should be able to stitch through layers of denim when turning up jeans.

    Location: North Yorkshire

    Posted on 28th of October 2019

  • Review by Sara


    There is no end to the amount of embroidery i have been busy doing over the last few weeks since i received this fantastic machine. Far better than the super galaxie older model i had previously. Bigger hoops, brighter screen and every design is stitch perfect.

    Location: West London

    Posted on 27th of October 2019

  • Review by HS


    I used it only 1-2 times so far but very happy with it. I bought it right after I sent back a Brother FS40 as it bobbins kept eating the material so badly that I had to cut into the dress I was working on to free it. It was my first clever-sewing machine and this Pfaff is the second. It can be difficult a bit to learn how to sew with these new clever ones but I found many videos on YouTube about both and were a great help. The Pfaff is professional, doesn't give you a filthy feeling (maybe the foot pedal only), reliable, nice stitches, don't stretch the stretchy material even if you don't bother to change the needle, easily copes with more layer and give you the feeling that "I know what I am doing just feed me". Love it to bits, I paid I think 130+ or so but I feel well worth it on the long term. My previous "not clever" one is a Veritas Rubina, 30 years old, ashamed but never was oiled or serviced but still works (after this experience I swore to clean and oil it and to keep as second, back up machine just for in case). I love the Pfaff and now I understand the "hipe" about it. Being the type who have limited free time and like reliable household machines to avoid to stress on fixing, I think it well worth its price.

    Location: Burton-on-Trent

    Posted on 26th of October 2019

  • Review by LisaL


    Fantastic machine. Does everything I want it to do and more.

    Location: Hampshire

    Posted on 25th of October 2019

  • Review by Carol Murray


    Happy with my Singer Sewing Machine purchase. A really good price for a machine that meets my needs with great service from this supplier

    Location: Worcester

    Posted on 25th of October 2019

  • Review by Barbara Elcombe


    Husqvarna Viking H-Class 100Q Sewing Machine package Website easy to use (I particularly liked the comparison facility). Order complete, delivery as promised and in quoted 1hr time slot (although box slightly damaged). Machine smaller than I expected but, as it replaces a very elderly portable (from 1973), it is quite state of the art for me and with many added extras as you would expect. The heavy work will still be done by my equally elderly (1975) main Husqvarna, showing the stamina and longevity of the brand. Two regrets: one is that many parts that were made of metal are now made of plastic - but that's progress for you, and the other is that the lid does not clip onto the machine - less secure, I feel, when travelling with it. Otherwise I could not fault the machine and hope for many decades with my new "baby".

    Location: Perthshire

    Posted on 25th of October 2019

  • Review by Enid Isherwood


    I haven't had time to try all the functions but so far so good. A good stitch, not at all noisy and no vibration at all. Only one query, on the advertising on your site it states that it has free motion capabilities but I am not able to find any information. Otherwise a lovely little machine and very good value

    Location: Lincolnshire

    Posted on 25th of October 2019

  • Review by Mal


    Received Singer 2250 sewing machine less than 24 hours from ordering it. Have used it once and as a complete novice found it reasonable to easy to use, with a bit of help from a fairly comprehensive user manual. The service from this company is excellent and would recommend it to all.

    Location: Clare

    Posted on 25th of October 2019

  • Review by Nick


    I bought the Husqvarna H Class 100Q as a surprise gift for my wife and earned so many brownie points in the process. The delivery was super fast and it arrived in perfect condition. The price was also the best that I could find. All round a very good buy. Thank you very much. My wife loves the machine. So quiet and so versatile with lots of well thought out extras. So much better than her previous machine. Can anyone advise a husband how to stop his wife sewing :-)

    Location: London

    Posted on 24th of October 2019

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