Which Steam Press is best? Which is quicker? How long will it last?

A steam press can save you hours per week! Yes, really!, don't just take my word for it "even though I use a steam press myself" read our customer reviews.

In fact a steam press can half your ironing time..! they are usually over 10 times the pressing area of a regular hand iron. That in its self is a huge difference. But what you don't see in the images is, how easy they are to use. No need to stand while ironing! No more too-and-fro with a heavy iron!

Read these steam press consumer reviews and ratings. I hope they will help you make the important decision of which ironing press to buy. Don't forget if you do need help we're only a phone call away and if your still not sure we offer 30 day returns, and as always our advice is free. I think you will enjoy reading through these.

Reading some of the reviews made me smile. e.g. "Its a single blokes dream", "I searched for extra things to press" and "cant keep my husband off it"



Reviews are gathered from all steam press models
  • Review by Elgar N


    Excellent all round iron press light easy to use steam works a treat and easy to store I have no negatives . The service we received form Sewing machine sales form initial enquiry ordering and through to delivery excellent then follow up contact to check everything ok.

    Location: Wirral

    Posted on 13th of July 2021

  • Review by Gill


    Wow!Wow!Wow! I am absolutely over the moon with this press Have run a B & B for over 30yrs and always had a press but this one is on another level can press supering sheets & duvets in 1straight run brill as saves so much time steam is excellent which gives a superb finish A1+++ Well worth the cost.

    Location: Bromard

    Posted on 2nd of June 2021

  • Review by Kate Mac


    Never used a steam press before but very impressed made light work of my sheets/duvet covers etc Just opened self catering cottages so this will definitely help

    Location: Scottish Islands

    Posted on 1st of June 2021

  • Review by Charlotte W


    Absolutely excellent can’t fault the steam press and customer service is A++ The steam press is the next best thing for my small business. Recommended to all .

    Location: North Yorkshire

    Posted on 4th of May 2021

  • Review by Amanda C


    Great steam press.

    Location: East Ayrshire

    Posted on 19th of April 2021

  • Review by Jean Little


    I was so pleased with the steam press I bought for myself a short while ago that I have decided to treat my sister to one as well.

    Location: Oxfordshire

    Posted on 27th of March 2021

  • Review by Angela Black


    I would rate the Ironing Press - 5 Star The machine is so easy to use, I absolutely love it. Now I know that I should have bought one years ago. I use the machine every other day or so and get through the ironing so quick I no longer have the usual mountain of clothes.

    Location: Dublin

    Posted on 27th of March 2021

  • Review by Roger Cuts


    On getting home I also ironed a dozen shirts in about half the time it would have taken me before and they looked as if they had been ironed too, a right result!!

    Location: Warwickshire

    Posted on 27th of March 2021

  • Review by Leigh Sharp


    I am really pleased with the steam press in fact my mother went out and bought one a few days later. It is easy to use, very effective and quick. In the past I used to avoid ironing however I was looking for things to iron as it was such a pleasure to use.

    Location: Northumberland

    Posted on 27th of March 2021

  • Review by Heidi


    First time I seen that iron was on you tube and I love it so I bought it , cuz you can't get that smartiron here in Germany, delivery was fast thank you i'm very happy

    Location: Germany

    Posted on 8th of November 2020

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