Which Steam Press is best? Which is quicker? How long will it last?

A steam press can save you hours per week! Yes, really!, don't just take my word for it "even though I use a steam press myself" read our customer reviews.

In fact a steam press can half your ironing time..! they are usually over 10 times the pressing area of a regular hand iron. That in its self is a huge difference. But what you don't see in the images is, how easy they are to use. No need to stand while ironing! No more too-and-fro with a heavy iron!

Read these steam press consumer reviews and ratings. I hope they will help you make the important decision of which ironing press to buy. Don't forget if you do need help we're only a phone call away and if your still not sure we offer 30 day returns, and as always our advice is free. I think you will enjoy reading through these.

Reading some of the reviews made me smile. e.g. "Its a single blokes dream", "I searched for extra things to press" and "cant keep my husband off it"



Reviews are gathered from all steam press models
  • Review by Mel N


    Good old fashioned customer service. I purchased my first Pfaff 580 ironing roller approx 9 years ago and from Sewing Machine sales it has been a great machine, only ever needing a new cotton cover. In July 2020 it did need replacing, due to old age and I was unable to get a repair engineer locally, the machine's plate was becoming very hot, the heat setting buttons had worn out. After much thought and research, I decided to buy Miele rotary iron thinking I would be able to get a repair engineer easily if it went wrong - BIG MISTAKE! My Miele Rotary ironer did go wrong after only 14 months use, I was told by Miele customer service, Gilman's a third party repair engineer would attend which took a week, I was then informed a further three weeks for him to return with the necessary parts. With 9 rooms of ongoing bed linen, that's not what you want to hear! I telephoned Sewing Machines Sales this morning and a very helpful gentleman explained they now offer a ship back repair service and I have purchased another 580, which will arrive in the next couple of days. I highly recommend Sewing Machine Sales, the help and information I have been given has cheered my day, just what I needed under my current mound of laundry!

    Location: Malmesbury

    Posted on 26th of October 2021

  • Review by Willy J


    Great delivery - less than 24 hours. Having used the steam press for 2 weeks it has been a timesaver and great finish especially on our bedding.

    Location: Staffordshire

    Posted on 24th of October 2021

  • Review by Margaret B


    Wish my old press had gone wrong earlier this one is brilliant it's wide enough to take super king size sheets and duvets in one go also love the steam when sheets are a bit dry. It arrived in just under 24 hours couldn't believe it.

    Location: Glastonbury

    Posted on 26th of September 2021

  • Review by Gill


    Wow!Wow!Wow! I am absolutely over the moon with this press Have run a B & B for over 30yrs and always had a press but this one is on another level can press supering sheets & duvets in 1straight run brill as saves so much time steam is excellent which gives a superb finish A1+++ Well worth the cost.

    Location: Bromard

    Posted on 2nd of June 2021

  • Review by Kate Mac


    Never used a steam press before but very impressed made light work of my sheets/duvet covers etc Just opened self catering cottages so this will definitely help

    Location: Scottish Islands

    Posted on 1st of June 2021

  • Review by Charlotte W


    Absolutely excellent can’t fault the steam press and customer service is A++ The steam press is the next best thing for my small business. Recommended to all .

    Location: North Yorkshire

    Posted on 4th of May 2021

  • Review by Amanda C


    Great steam press.

    Location: East Ayrshire

    Posted on 19th of April 2021

  • Review by Jean Little


    I was so pleased with the steam press I bought for myself a short while ago that I have decided to treat my sister to one as well.

    Location: Oxfordshire

    Posted on 27th of March 2021

  • Review by Angela Black


    I would rate the Ironing Press - 5 Star The machine is so easy to use, I absolutely love it. Now I know that I should have bought one years ago. I use the machine every other day or so and get through the ironing so quick I no longer have the usual mountain of clothes.

    Location: Dublin

    Posted on 27th of March 2021

  • Review by Roger Cuts


    On getting home I also ironed a dozen shirts in about half the time it would have taken me before and they looked as if they had been ironed too, a right result!!

    Location: Warwickshire

    Posted on 27th of March 2021

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