Which Steam Press is best? Which is quicker? How long will it last?

A steam press can save you hours per week! Yes, really!, don't just take my word for it "even though I use a steam press myself" read our customer reviews.

In fact a steam press can half your ironing time..! they are usually over 10 times the pressing area of a regular hand iron. That in its self is a huge difference. But what you don't see in the images is, how easy they are to use. No need to stand while ironing! No more too-and-fro with a heavy iron!

Read these steam press consumer reviews and ratings. I hope they will help you make the important decision of which ironing press to buy. Don't forget if you do need help we're only a phone call away and if your still not sure we offer 30 day returns, and as always our advice is free. I think you will enjoy reading through these.

Reading some of the reviews made me smile. e.g. "Its a single blokes dream", "I searched for extra things to press" and "cant keep my husband off it"



Reviews are gathered from all steam press models
  • Review by Sajid C


    Ironing a task which I dont relish. Hence my purchase of the singer steam press ESP2. This steam press makes ironing less of a chore and saves you 50 percent of your time. Makes ironing easier great on sheets faster and less tiring than using a hand iron. It does include accessories such as a spray bottle and small cushion for sleeves. I also will recommend a stand for the steam press as the stand is height adjustable and u can just sit on a chair and use the steam press. Chose the singer brand as I do have a singer sewing machine quantum stylist 9960. The price for the steam press included a free steam press ironing cover and delivery and communication was 5 stars from sewingmachinessales. My only question is why didnt I buy it before

    Location: Lancashire

    Posted on 22nd of June 2019

  • Review by Sandra May


    Good delivery. The machine is just what I required. Would not hesitate to recommend it.

    Location: Port Isaac

    Posted on 20th of January 2019

  • Review by Beat Bug


    My previous steam press, identical to this one, but with a different 'badge', packed up on Christmas Eve after 15 years. Desperate for a replacement, I found this one, and I’m so glad I did! I just couldn’t face going back to ironing bed linen on anything else! So quick and easy to use, and ironing can be done sitting down. No downside whatsoever for this steam press, and it should last me the rest of my life!

    Location: Caithness, Scotland

    Posted on 2nd of January 2019

  • Review by lawrence abe


    The mega Compact Steam Press perormance is excellent It is five star merit. Dipo Abe

    Location: Clapton London E5 9NF

    Posted on 23rd of October 2018

  • Review by Elaine Valentine


    The steam press is great makes it really fast to get through the ironing particularly bedding. As a small B&B we spent hours ironing now it takes half the time. However cautionary note it is not easy to know the best ways to work at first. Could do with a booklet with pictures on how to iron things. It is also easy to get burnt again until you work it out. As they say practice makes perfect.

    Location: Sheffield UK

    Posted on 11th of June 2018

  • Review by Kat


    Bought this for my daughter and she has just used it. She is amazed at how quick she is getting through her ironing and said I should buy one for myself as it is amazing and quick, and takes the mundane chore of ironing away.

    Location: Basingstoke

    Posted on 8th of June 2018

  • Review by RJM


    I've used this iron for about 18 months now and it certainly does the job. It is in use every day in a busy guest house and makes life a lot easier than using a traditional iron. The unit is sturdy and stable and feels well made.

    Location: Elgin

    Posted on 1st of June 2018

  • Review by Kayc


    My Mega Press 202 steam ironing press, arrived so fast, I tried it out straight away, its wonderful. I just need more practice on collars and sleeves which will happen the more I use it. I would recommend it to anyone.

    Location: Hampshire

    Posted on 29th of May 2018

  • Review by Patricia Jenkins,


    Where have you been all my life? It’s so fast. I have done fine jumper, sheets and two shirts, uniforms. Can’t stop using. Love it. Got the bigger PSO-206E model and glad I did. A jug was supposed to come with it but not included.

    Location: Ireland

    Posted on 15th of April 2018

  • Review by Jan Bradley


    This is our second 580 roller iron press and is just as good. We have a small guest house and could not manage without it. Delivery service great we love the one hour time slot means we can plan the rest of our day, not having to sit in waiting. Many thanks

    Location: Perth scotland

    Posted on 3rd of April 2018

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