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Baby Lock Overlockers

One of the most talked about functions of the new Baby Lock range is that is uses a jet of AIR to push the thread through the looper's and effectively threading its self. Very clever, simple to thread overlockers with strong powerful motors.

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  1. Sucess SC S4 Overlocker Including Accessories
    The perfect companion to go with your sewing machine, the Success neatly trims and finishes an edge, instantly rolls a hem just like the professionals. Overlock with speeds up to 1300 stitches per minute. Now available with special open front to allow easy access for threading as never seen before on an overlocker....

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    Today! £299.00

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  2. Success Lucie Overlocker
    With its large sewing bed the Success Lucie is ready to overlock any project you have for it, even curtains and bedding can be swiftly overlocked and seamed in one simple operation...

    Price: £495.00

    Today! £399.00

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  3. Baby Lock Enspire Overlocker
    You'll view overlocking in a whole new light. This easy-to-use Baby Lock Enspire includes Jet-Air Threading, plus adjustable manual tensions that allow for perfect stitches on any type of fabric. ...
  4. Baby Lock Imagine Overlocker
    Can you imagine how easy serging could be if you didn't have to thread the machine? Look no further than the Babylock Imagine BLE-1AT with jet-air threading - Baby Lock's most popular overlocker...
  5. Baby Lock Enlighten BLE3ATW-2 Overlocker
    This revolutionary Babylock Enlighten serger / overlocker features the latest in threading technology, ExtraordinAir Threading. With just one push of a button, ExtraordinAir takes all your thread through all the loopers at once, instantly, with a gust of air. Plus, expand your creative options with the exclusive Wave stitch. ...

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  6. Baby Lock Desire Overlocker (BLE5-3) Including Accessories
    Baby Lock Desire3 BLE5-3 overlocker 2,3,4 & 5 thread coverlock machine with Air threading...
  7. Baby Lock Sashiko - mimics hand quilting stitch
    The world's first hand-stitch sewing machine with the help of your products is exceptional and unique....
  8. Baby Lock Evolution BLE8W-2 Overlocker
    The advanced 8-thread Babylock Evolution serger/overlocker brings you the latest evolution in threading technology with ExtraordinAir threading. With just one push of a button, ExtraordinAir takes your thread through all three loopers at once, instantly, with a gust of air. ...
  9. Baby Lock Ovation BLES8 Overlocker
    Not only is this machine easy to thread thanks to ExtraordinAir - JetAir thread system, the Babylock Ovation also has an automatic thread delivery system...no more worrying about thread tensions to get perfect overlock or coverhem stitches ...
  10. Baby Lock Gloria BLETS8 Overlocker
    The Biggest and best of it's kind, Introducing the new RevolutionAir needle threading system, 8 threads and over 80 stitch combinations ...

    FREE 6 piece foot Kit worth £180

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