Embroidery Software for Brother Models

We supply Brother embroidery software for the Brother range of sewing machines & offer free UK delivery also worldwide shipping.
  1. PE Design Version 11
    As with most Windows based software, easy-of-use is most important, and this new version 11 Brother PE Design embroidery software is a dream to use. All the functions can be accessed via tab like icons, much like the windows software you've probably been using for years. Its has all the professional features of the old version plus echo fill backgrounds and WIFI connectivity ... more Info
     Price £999.00

  2. Offical Brother software upgrade pack
    Use this item to upgrade your older version Brother software to the Brother PE Design version 10 ... more Info
     Price £399.00

  3. PE Design Plus 2 - save your created designs to USB stick
    WOW it has the same look and feel of Brothers professional embroidery software, this PE Design PLUS 2 version is packed full of quick and easy access features, like Image-to-stitch, photo-stitch, scan-n-cut, resizing without changing stitch density, 35 built-in fonts and you can save designs to use in most other sewing machine brands. If you want to get into embroidery and use your creative flair to add your own designs to projects then PD Design Plus 2 is the product for you ... more Info
    86% of 100
    7  Reviews Average rating 4.3 out of 5 Stars.
     Price £349.00

    Newest version available

  4. Offical Brother software upgrade pack
    Use this item to upgrade your older version Brother software to the Brother PE Design Version 8 ... more Info
     Price £399.00  Today £299.00

  5. Inspira 5D Dongle
    Unlock add-on module embroidery programs like cross stitcher, family tree and monogram vision. Using this 5D dongle you can use the programs as standalone software without any aditional software. ... more Info
     Price £95.00  Today £69.00

  6. 5D Cross Stitcher Embroidery Software
    LATEST 5D VERSION Create your own cross-stitch designs and lettering. You can start from a scanned picture, a digital camera image or clipart, or you can simply use the drawing tools to create your masterpiece. The Cross Stitcher Wizard can automatically create your design for you, and you can add a monogram for a personal touch. Can used as standalone (with 5D dongle) or add-on software. ... more Info
     Price £190.00  Today £150.00

  7. 5D Monogram and Vision
    LATEST 5D VERSION Create one, two or three letter monograms instantly. Complement your monograms with names and embellish with frames and borders. Finally, preview the wonderful results before you stitch out. ... more Info
     Price £190.00  Today £150.00

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