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Buying a Ironing Press! steam press reviews, compare steam press prices. Steam ironing press advice. Buy steam press parts and get related advice.

This page contains information on most aspects of ironing presses by an engineer with 30 years experience in the trade.

Steam Press Spares

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Understand the important difference between genuine and non-genuine parts. How to buy the right ironing press part, including what information you need from the steam press itself, and where to find it. Buying Mega press parts from a spares supplier, what to expect, how these companies work. Insider tips to save wasted journeys. Do you really even need the part? Help on fitting steam press parts. Buy steam press parts


Review Steam Ironing Press

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Thorough and unique steam press reviews, where you can find out about Ironing presses from a different point of view than that of the usual brochure or salesman. Unlike most ironing press reviews, these are free, and aren't trying to sell.

Already have one and need some tips Ironing press essential guides.


Fed up of Ironing! Don't waist another minute! Tedious ironing chores are a thing of the past with the new Elnapress. You'll enjoy its breathtaking ironing quality, its convenience, ease and comfort of use and of course, Elna's renowned innovative technology and quality control.

Imagine a Ironing press with it's ironing board almost 10 times the size of a conventional iron, great for big items like duvet covers or sheets. Easily portable, the Jaws lock together so you can use the pressing handle for carrying.

Half your ironing time! a Steam Press is the ultimate alternative to the back ache and drudgery of using an old fashioned iron. The presses are easy to use. With the temperature control panel, you can turn the steam press on and off, and regulate the ironing temperature. The use of advanced technology, non-heat radiating materials ensures the user is kept cool.

Buying a Steam Ironing Press

Advice on general issues relating to buying - professional or for DIY presses.

Mega Press Compact Steam Press

Mega Press Compact Ironing Press Choosing a steam press for the first time! there are a few necessities that it must have and in our option this Mega Steam Press fits the profile of the perfect steam press. Electronic Temperature control. Light weight and compact. Need steam? touch the steam button on the handle Steam is pumped under pressure for perfect steam release. More steam? hold in the steam button. Quality pressing/clamping action with safety auto stop.

Mega Press 202 Steam Ironing Press

Mega Press 202 Steam Ironing Press Want more spare time? Have better thing to do than Iron? this DELUXE STEAM PRESS- MegaSteamPress with FREE cover and foam is the answer! With a pressing bed size of 65cm x 24cm flat board size and 1400 watt power this deluxe steam ironing press is designed to reduce ironing time.Pressure equivalent to 50 Kg removes creases without effort, it has a large opening for bulky items.

E&R Ironing range

E&R Steamers The E&R Classic steamers are entry level models providing all the benefits of using a steamer instead of an iron at an affordable price. These models are ideal for using in the home for every day steam ironing. Compact size and can be stored easily. E&R are renowned for a keen prices for their products with full guarantee. Other new ironing equipment and the garment steamers and are designed to completely replace your normal iron to freshen clothes. I would recommend viewing the E&R steamer range.

Singer Ironing Press ESP2

Singer ESP2 Ironing Press This new Singer steam press ESP 2 Singer ironing press will half your ironing time as the pressing area is nearly ten times that of a conventional iron. Several layers can be pressed simultaneously by gently pulling down the handle, the whole area is pressed at once quickly and easily. Why not take the drudgery out of the ironing? Sit down, make yourself comfortable, press away and see the pile of ironing disappear.

Mega Press Grande Steam Press

Mega Press Grande Steam Ironing Press the Grande ironing press is BIG..! and has a extra large pressing area to reduce ironing time 80cm x 31cm For safety, this grande ironing press has an automatic shut off system, if left on too long. You can can put a really good finish on the most delicate blouse, the toughest denim or the most difficult jacket with this SpeedyPress dry iron.

SpeedyPress Ironing Press

SpeedyPress Ironing Press Speedypress, based in the UK, has been importing and manufacturing ironing equipment for over 40 years and is perfect for all your laundry types, from cotton to silk, from yokes to shaped parts, the last time you saw the garment looking this good was when you bought it brand new! the Speedypress even handles tough denim no problem! Speedypress also manufacture one of the largest Ironing presses at 40" / 100 cm is size.!

Mega Steam Press Super Ironing Press

Mega Steam Press Super Ironing Press MegaPress super steam press is BIG..! The image does not show it's size correctly, but if you were to see this super mega press next to a regular sized steam press you would see the difference ..! This extra large pressing area to reduce ironing time 80cm x 31cm, for safety, the MegaPress super steam press has an automatic shut-off system, if left on too long. You can can put a really good finish on the most delicate blouse, the toughest denim or the most difficult jacket with this steam presser.

MegaPress Steam Generator Ironing Press

Mega press Steam Generator Iron Press Powerful strong and reliable steam press by MegaPress, Using a Teflon coated heating plate and a huge built-in water tank, ironing is a blast, I'm sure you will actually enjoy ironing using this steam generator press. Why steam generator, we'll it's because the water is heated in its own stainless steel tank and the steam produced can be blasted just where you need it. Yes you can tell we like and will recommend this new Steam Generator ironing press by Meagepress.

Elna EP120 Ironing Press

Elna Press EP120 Ironing Press The Elnapress EP120 makes ironing enjoyable. You can speed through your laundry while sitting down with the press on any table, so you really can take the back ache out of ironing. You don't have to learn new tricks either: the Elnapress is easy to use and the automatic pressure is fingertip light. High quality and made to last many years with original Switzerland engineering to exacting standards the Elnapress EP120 is engineered and built to make your life easier.

mega press esp77t ultra xl

Mega Press Ultra XL Ironing Press The Ultra XL ESP77T steam press is a giant it hosts the largest pressing area of any steam press available in the industry. A whopping 90cm base with a power output of 1900watts this is a serious steam press. Not only is it large but it has some advanced features such as automatic steam and power safety cut off and that’s just to name a few...

FastPress Ironing Press Blanca Press

FastPress Blanca Ironing Press The Blanca press made by Fast Press systems is strong, big and heavy duty capable of doing all the pressing and is ideal for guest-houses, small hotels, restaurants, residential and nursing homes, small laundries, dry cleaners. The Fast Press Blanca is expensive when compared to the newer larger style Speedypress and Megapress, does it offer more, i'm not sure! Ideal for commercial use, manufacturers and associated industries.

Pfaff Ironing Press 560 roller press

560 roller press Ironing Press Ideal for medium and smaller size laundry rooms, use the 560 roller press where speed and quality of pressing is essential, and YES its a steam roller press....! Sheets and tablecloths are child's play, thanks to the larger ironing surface. The big collecting table means that everything stays smooth and practically folds itself! All it takes is one minute, and your 560 roller press ironer is up-to the correct temperature.

Pfaff Ironing Press 580 roller press

580 roller press Ironing Press  580 Roller Iron is Ideal for medium and smaller size laundry rooms, where speed and quality of pressing is essential and YES its a steam roller press...! Industrial heritage makes the  580 Roller press and 560 roller iron (smaller version) the most cost and time effective press on the market. Experience the ultimate in ironing comfort! Anyone who has ever worked with a rotary ironer know the difference it makes.