Which Steam Press is best? Which is quicker? How long will it last?

A steam press can save you hours per week! Yes, really!, don't just take my word for it "even though I use a steam press myself" read our customer reviews.

In fact a steam press can half your ironing time..! they are usually over 10 times the pressing area of a regular hand iron. That in its self is a huge difference. But what you don't see in the images is, how easy they are to use. No need to stand while ironing! No more too-and-fro with a heavy iron!

Read these steam press consumer reviews and ratings. I hope they will help you make the important decision of which ironing press to buy. Don't forget if you do need help we're only a phone call away and if your still not sure we offer 30 day returns, and as always our advice is free. I think you will enjoy reading through these.

Reading some of the reviews made me smile. e.g. "Its a single blokes dream", "I searched for extra things to press" and "cant keep my husband off it"



Reviews are gathered from all steam press models
  • Review by Allison Stewart


    I have used an ancient Elnapress for years which worked well, without any added extras. I run a small holiday cottage and the steam press iron seemed a logical choice for my weekly laundry - and a larger one to save on ironing time. I am a little disappointed in the product. The large ironing plate is great but there is little pressure exerted on the outer edges of the iron so I actually spend more time having to re-iron the extremities of my bedlinen. The iron is also lighter than I expected as made of plastic and moves when I draw the bedlinen from side to side, making the ironing more difficult and time consuming having to re-position the device, especially when ironing duvet covers. inbuilt steamer does not give even cover and often wets the linen too much. The wee hand sprayer is better. I actually feel I would have been better buying the standard size of steam press, rather than being greedy and gone for the larger model!

    Location: Kippen

    Posted on 15th of October 2017

  • Review by Stephen Potts


    Excellent machine, great price and quick delivery, came without additional iron pad and jug however customer services sorted this asap and missing items arrived 24hrs later. Machine very easy to use and seems good quality

    Location: derbyshire

    Posted on 25th of September 2017

  • Review by michael


    Ordered midday wednesday, delivered midday thursday fantastic service. Steam press does exactly what it says on the tin and more !!!!! Top notch all round.

    Location: manchester

    Posted on 20th of September 2017

  • Review by Diane Rosen


    Excellent product and service. Would highly recommend.

    Location: Kingswood

    Posted on 16th of September 2017

  • Review by Teresa Martin


    Fantastic product! It only took me a few minutes to unpack and check the steam press over before i got it working! I couldnt wait to use it as i had been using my neighbours old one for sometime. I wasn't disappointed in just over 15 minutes i had steamed and pressed two bedrooms worth of linen! Wish i could have afforded one years ago! I soon steamed my way through a huge pile of ironing that i had saved up lol!

    Location: Cornwall

    Posted on 7th of August 2017



    I bought this as a replacement for a very old rotary iron and I am delighted with my new one, it is easy to operate and does a great job, you must pay attention to fabric type for best results. This rotary iron saves me so much time and effort. Great as I have problems with wrists. excellent product.

    Location: Beauly

    Posted on 6th of August 2017

  • Review by Raymond Ruiz


    verry good top man

    Location: plymouth

    Posted on 31st of July 2017

  • Review by lyn young


    I am delighted with my press. For anyone with Arthritic hands it's wonderful .i can still do my own ironing and maintain My independence and ironing now is almost a pleasure! Worth every penny

    Location: CleoburyMortimer

    Posted on 30th of July 2017

  • Review by mary sutherland


    excellent service, easy to order, and quick delivery.

    Location: dundee,angus

    Posted on 11th of July 2017

  • Review by Lydiard Lad


    Ordered this product at midday and it was delivered by midday the following day. Well packed. Very good price. This purchase was to replace one that was bought over twenty years ago and gave up the ghost one hour before ordering this replacement. This purchase certainly earned me some brownie points. I would certainly recommend this product .

    Location: Swindon ,Wiltshire

    Posted on 5th of July 2017

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