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  • Review by Lorna F


    Returning to sewing after many years, the Janome 230 D.C makes it feel easy. Simple to use, and great results. Sewingmachinesales provided great service with their next day delivery

    Location: London

    Posted on 26th of May 2020

  • Review by Julia B


    Amazing machine. At school, the teacher convinced me I couldn’t sew. This little machine has proved them wrong. It’s idiot proof. Great machine to get you going.

    Location: Norfolk

    Posted on 21st of May 2020

  • Review by Julia S


    This is my first embroidery machine and stayed with Brother as my other machines are easy to use and reliable. The embroidery machine was easy to set up and I had done my first test piece in no time. Excellent service as always from Sewing Machine Sales.

    Location: Northumberland

    Posted on 19th of May 2020

  • Review by Bunny A


    Don't be fooled by the relatively small size of this sewing machine, it can sew like a beast if needed. I have to say, after I bought it, I hated it, but after using it for bag making and making pouffes, it really is a fabulous machine. Stitch quality is superb, using the finest threads up to 20 weight nylon thread, which is fabulous for decorative top stitching. It has the added bonus, imho, that there are little holes where you can oil the various bits of the internals. It is quiet, smooth and everything is of the highest quality. Would I buy a Juki again...? - undoubtedly......! If you can afford one, get one. It may be a 'straight stitch' only machine, but what it does, it does superbly well.

    Location: South Wales

    Posted on 18th of May 2020

  • Review by Roy M


    I'm not an experienced sewer, but this machine is extremely easy to set-up, & helps you avoid the rooky mistakes. The needle threader works flawlessly, the start/stop button & speed slider work well (I didn't need to use the foot control, but some old-school sewers might prefer it). A wide range of stitching options, support for a double needle, automatic reinforcement stitching & thread cutting - all there to make life easier. As a complete novice I was able to produce perfect buttonholes AND sew the buttons on. It would be interesting to hear an expert machinist comment on this machine, but it seems to me that it would take a novice well into intermediate sewing. As to Sewing Machine Sales, the price was competitive, I ordered on Monday, it arrived on Wednesday, & they replied to my newbie technical query within 30 mins.

    Location: Thame, Oxfordshire

    Posted on 18th of May 2020

  • Review by Karen L


    This was very much a considered purchase and after advice and research I made the decision to go with the Brother. I decided on using Sewing Machine Sales UK as they were the best at communication during this difficult time, they also made the whole process very easy. The machine arrived and I am so excited and happy with it. So far so good I am working through all the options, I have used the walking foot, and thoroughly enjoying myself in the process. The joy of sewing has been reinvigorated - yes it was a large expense - but I believe worth every penny. Thank you for your help.

    Location: Kent

    Posted on 18th of May 2020

  • Review by Sue M


    Pleased so far. Trying to get to grips with it.

    Location: Lincolnshire

    Posted on 17th of May 2020

  • Review by Lou N


    Love this machine! Echo everything previous reviewers have said. It is easy and fast to thread, top and bottom, so anything where you need to swap thread a lot such as free embroidery is a sinch. I use that a lot. The needle threader is excellent. It sews beautifully. The bobbin winder is excellent too. No need to unthread the machine if you have another bobbin of the same colour. It manages with rayon embroidery threads too. Good range of utility stitches including a tacking stitch which I have never had before. It can sew sideways which is essential if you need to patch trousers. It was one of my "must have" features. I had the quilting edition of this machine which came with a clip on extended bed. I have used the fancy stitches for top stitching some pleats and pockets in trousers which looked really good. You can control the number of repeats to make sure if you do this, all the pleats are the same. I wasn't going to get another all singing, all dancing electronic machine after my Pfaff Creative suddenly died after nearly 30 years of service, but fell for this one. I don't regret it. It's big but to be honest, it has got me back into sewing so it's not been off my sewing table since I bought it. The Pfaff is dead, Long live the Brother!

    Location: Nailsworth

    Posted on 15th of May 2020

  • Review by Toni B


    Treated myself to a new upgraded sewing machine. I chose Singer as that’s what I’ve always sewed with and never had any problems. Also I was hoping the threading was the same! This was A big purchase for me as the cost was quite high but it had the added feature of the integrated feed which I thought would help in sewing many different fabrics. The hard cover looks impressive and I was impressed with the variety of stitches as well as the included accessories and feet. So far I have not any problems with sewing multiple layers of fabric or any other problems so I’m delighted that my sewing is going well. One thing I’m slightly disappointed it hasn’t got is the cutting feature, otherwise I’m over the moon with it. I really look forward to sewing with my new machine and I’m so glad I bought it.

    Location: Cumbria

    Posted on 15th of May 2020

  • Review by Sandy D


    Fab machine easy to work and quick delivery. Can't stop making skirts for my granddaughters

    Location: Northern Ireland

    Posted on 14th of May 2020

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