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  • Review by KB


    A great good quality sewing machine. Fast and powerful which has no problem with denim. The needle threader is brilliant and easy to do. I would definitely recommend this machine.

    Location: Peterborough

    Posted on 28th of November 2019

  • Review by Heather


    Fast delivery and good communication from supplier. The actual machine in Sage with extra table extension is exactly as described and is easy to operate and I have already used the Oekaki function which works better than my more expensive embroidery/sewing combo as the speed or bobbin take up does not get tangled around the needle thread underneath when I change direction too quickly. Machine is smooth and has every function I need. Still getting used to the stitch width depending on foot control pressure in Oekaki but I am very happy with my new purchase.

    Location: South Oxfordshire

    Posted on 25th of November 2019

  • Review by Amanda


    Absolutely love my pfaff 610

    Location: Norfolk

    Posted on 24th of November 2019

  • Review by Amelia


    Great product from Brother and lovely customer service from this company. Will be using you for future purchases! Thank you!

    Location: Eastbourne

    Posted on 23rd of November 2019

  • Review by zep11


    It took a few attempts to get the top of the machine threaded correctly. Haven't tried auto needle function as easy to do manually. As yet only tested basic functions but seems a really good replacement for my 40 year old Singer machine. Lighter too. Long warranty excellent peace of mind even if hope never needed. Easy ordering and prompt delivery.

    Location: Colchester

    Posted on 17th of November 2019

  • Review by Bambi77


    A lovely machine, at a very good price. Easy to use and good variety of stitches including A good variety of stretch stitches. Delivery quick and informative. Highly recommend.

    Location: East Yorkshire

    Posted on 8th of November 2019

  • Review by Penny


    The Company were great and really quick at realising the wrong machine was originally sent out - the replacement was sent (and exchanged) within 24 hours, so great service. Have unpacked and 'admired' but not yet had time to 'play' with new toy - really looking forward to using the machine and getting to grips with all its capabilities.

    Location: Wiltshire

    Posted on 6th of November 2019

  • Review by Robert Bettany


    Bought this for my wife, she had spent some time looking at different makes and models - this is the one she chose. She spent years as a machinist in a local factory so knew the type of machine she wanted, something 'heavy duty' that would 'sew pretty much anything'. Got it last week and she has spent ages using it, very impressive she says. Just what she always wanted.

    Location: Staffordshire

    Posted on 1st of November 2019

  • Review by Kati


    Loving it! Having learned sewing on an old Duerkopp from the 1960s (Which I still use and love), the Emerald 118 opens up so many new possibilities! The motor is silent yet powerful, the working table is well illuminated and threading the machine or changing the presser foot could not be easier (at least not in direct comparison to my vintage machine :)). I can't wait to explore all its features

    Location: Scotland

    Posted on 1st of November 2019

  • Review by Wilma Brown


    I am very happy with my new machine. I have been needing an update on my old one for a while and I'm pleased as punch with my purchase. It's taking me a wee while to get used to everything it can do but I'm having fun finding out what it's capable off.

    Location: Stranraer, Dumfries and Galloway

    Posted on 1st of November 2019

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