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  • Review by Enja D


    I wanted this machine to make vinyl covers for my divan bases. I had tried with other sewing machines but the material was too thick and heavy to do the job properly. This machine has already made five covers and does it with ease. The other great thing is it's not heavy so easy to carry around. I am very pleased with the machine. Hopefully it will go on working this well for many years.

    Location: North Wales

    Posted on 10th of November 2021

  • Review by Michael C


    Order placed Monday at 11am and arrived 8:30am on Tuesday this is great sevice. The machine was easy to set up and use so I am well pleased

    Location: Wolverhampton

    Posted on 9th of November 2021

  • Review by Ann M


    This machine is amazing ,orderd and delivered within 3 days

    Location: Middlesbrough

    Posted on 9th of November 2021

  • Review by Sally B


    I am so pleased with the quality and performance of this machine. I bought it after a recommendation from a local small business.

    Location: Cambridge

    Posted on 9th of November 2021

  • Review by Alibee W


    I love this machine! I've just started quilting and sewing. i wanted a machine that would sew through layers of thick fabric without jamming or struggling and multicolor layers of denim and it does! i love my sewist.

    Location: Worcestershire

    Posted on 7th of November 2021

  • Review by Diane C


    Absolutely fantastic service. I had phoned the shop prior to ordering to see if I could get my machine the following day as it was a Friday order therefore it would be a Saturday delivery. Due to the response I got, I placed my order and my machine was delivered by 2pm on the Saturday. Very happy lady.

    Location: York

    Posted on 2nd of November 2021

  • Review by Tracy T


    An amazing machine. I was really looking forward to receiving the parcel, and the order and delivery service was excellent and quick. I've started using my new machine and it's great. I definayely recommend this machine to anyone who likes sewing.

    Location: Washington

    Posted on 31st of October 2021

  • Review by Tracey H


    I had been looking to upgrade my basic machine for a while and this seemed perfect. It offered a fantastic range of features at a reasonable price. Ordering was simple and my new machine arrived a day earlier than expected. Unboxing was like Christmas morning, there’s a fabulous range of accessories, with feet for almost every project. Set was easy and I have loved playing with the many different stitch options. I love being able to select the stitching speed and it might be my imagination but it feels like the finish on my first project (a quilted tote bag) was so much more professional lookin than with my old machine.

    Location: Essex

    Posted on 28th of October 2021

  • Review by Susanne R


    Great machine pfaff is the best, sews great it can do anything you can imagine .yes expensive but you get what you pay for quality .

    Location: Lincolnshire

    Posted on 26th of October 2021

  • Review by Trish B


    I haven't had a new sewing machine for 40 years - but this one has surpassed all my expectations. So easy to use, quiet, and light to lift. The stitching is good quality, and a massive range of stitches and designs just on the sewing machine side. When combined with the embroidery arm it is incredible. The quality of the embroidery is very good, and it is really easy to use and understand. The addition of Disney characters is the cherry on top! Sewing machine sales were so easy to deal with and why I went with them was their informative and accurate product video.

    Location: Gloucester

    Posted on 24th of October 2021

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