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  • Review by Joy Tiffin


    I am really impressed with the quality of this machine and how easy it is to use. As someone has already mentioned, the manual that comes with it assumes a certain level of prior knowledge when it comes to threading the machine. I'm sure I could have found a youtube clip showing me how to do it if I was really stuck but I managed to do it using a bit of common sense. It helps that the places to post the thread are numbered.

    Location: York

    Posted on 20th of March 2019

  • Review by L Thompson


    The service was excellent first class my sewing machine could not be sent out for delivery rules of the manufacturer juki and I don't drive so they deliver it for me . What company would do that ? Thank you and I love love my new sewing machine juki dx7 would recommend the company and the machine.

    Location: Durham

    Posted on 19th of March 2019

  • Review by Lesley Saunders


    I bought this machine and it was delivered as promised the next day, a first class service! It arrived in perfect condition and I am extremely pleased with it. I bought it to take to my quilting class as it is lightweight and easier to lift. The accessory feet I have for my Sapphire 960Q fit the H-Class 100Q so it is ideal, I am thrilled to bits with the quality and performance of the machine. I received a first class service and excellent price. Thank you!

    Location: Oxford

    Posted on 18th of March 2019

  • Review by Jocelyn Mather


    It has been a while since I used a sewing machine but missed having one as a household necessity, so after a bit of research I decided on the Singer 4423 as it could handle lightweight materials for dress making as well as heavier upholstery fabrics. I found it for the best price on this website, the delivery was fast and arrived with DPD which are a good choice of courier, and I absolutely love the machine. It is easy to use, all the features are well explained in the instruction manual, it is fast and reasonably quiet. I am very pleased overall with the purchase.

    Location: Somerset

    Posted on 17th of March 2019

  • Review by Lina Vytuve


    Great service, great price for great mashine.

    Location: Peterhead

    Posted on 17th of March 2019

  • Review by M Warner


    The machine has performed well so far, being easy to use. I am very pleased with my purchase of the Husqvarna, it replaces a Brother machine with which I have never been fully happy.

    Location: Dorset

    Posted on 13th of March 2019

  • Review by Saima Muzaffar


    Perfect delivery time Perfect product I just love my new sewing machine Thanks

    Location: London

    Posted on 13th of March 2019

  • Review by


    Excellent machine and a very good price from this company. Highly recommended for there customer service and fast delivery.

    Location: Spalding

    Posted on 4th of March 2019

  • Review by Jen Taylor


    I wanted a mechanical machine for free motion embroidery as it is easier to set up stick width and length. I already own a Silver Viscount 9400 which is fabulous and has never let me down so the Silver 2021 was good sister machine. After using this for a couple of days, it is an equally superb machine, very robust with a good range of stitches and the free motion was very easy to accomplish on this. The bulb went after a few minute but Customer Service replaced this within 24 hours. Think the machine would benefit from a daylight bulb which are available from this company who have one of the largest sewing machine / parts range in the UK - delivery is super quick too ! Many thanks x

    Location: Stourbridge, UK

    Posted on 29th of January 2019

  • Review by Jan Wesenlund


    Excellent service and my machine arrived next day. I previously had a top of the range Pfaff machine lasting 30 years and with much debate this time I bought the singer 4423. Yes there a a few small things that could be better, the button hole lever would be improved as a drop down option, I do accidently knock it without realising and also a needle down postion woujld be great but these are very small incidentals and given the price difference my 4423 is easy to use, fast and as quiet as my previous machine, seems well built and I am very pleased so far. I haven't tested the embroidery stitches yet as I have only had the machine a week.

    Location: Surrey

    Posted on 28th of January 2019

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