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Sew Easy Sewing Machine Mat 40cm x 60cm

1/4" thick mat which is textured so the bottom is anti slip and stops vibration and noise whilst you are using your Sewing Machine
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This mat is 1/4" thick and has a larger surface area than the Overlocker mat. It is textured so the bottom is antislip and is made from a very dense foam, protectng the surface the sewing machine is on. 

The mat absorbs the vibration from the sewing machine due to the dimples, which are ideal sound insulation and absorbs the sound making the machine quieter and prevents slippage. 

During my last project, I was sewing for hours and ended up stitching well into the early hours. This mat was ideal for cutting down the noise, so as not to disturb anyone whilst I finished my project.

These mats can also be used for any kitchen applience that may move whislt in use, securing it on your kitchen bench. 


UPC 9317385270708
Manufacturer Sew Easy

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