Elna Ruffler / Pleater Foot

Choose from lots of sewing machine feet such as the Elna Ruffler foot which will save you hours of pinning pleats by hand. This adjustable attachment will pleat automatically!
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Fashion and home items featuring gathering and pleats have never been easier. Instead of spending hours measuring, folding and pinning pleats, use the ruffler attachment for your Elna sewing machine, it's easy to use and its fully adjustable.

Adjusting the ruffling interval:
The ruffling interval is adjusted with the ratchet gear feed plate.

  • When reverse stitching is required, set to the hole marked * on the ratchet gear feed plate. Set at * there is no ruffling; only straight stitching is obtained.
  • The ruffling mechanism makes a tuck with every stitch, or every 6th or 12th stitch. The ruffling interval also differs depending on the stitch length.
  • To make gathers, set to 1 on the ratchet gear feed plate and turn the ruffling depth adjusting screw to adjust the tucking depth to scale mark 1.
  • To release (turn off) the ruffling mechanism, set to * on the ratchet gear feed plate.

Note: Before starting to stitch, make sure the needle does not touch the foot.

They are designed to ruffle or pleat fabric to the desired fullness quickly and easily and have the capability to vary the sizes of ruffles.

Manufacturer Elna

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