Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles Various Types

Made in Germany by Schmetz and often included when you purchase a new sewing machine because the manufactures know that using this needle the user will not get any looping or thread snagging problems on their new machine. Large selection available.

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Quick Threading Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles
SKU# schmetz-130/705HDK-80
 Price £3.95  Today £3.29
Universal Needles - Size 90 -5pk
SKU# 0703420
 Price £2.75
Schmetz Universal Needles - Heavy Duty Size 120 -5pk
SKU# schmetz-0703558
 Price £2.75
Schmetz Universal Needles - Assorted 70/80/90/100 -5pk
SKU# 0703475
 Price £2.75
Topstitch Needles - Size 80/90/100 -5pk
SKU# schmetz-0717362
 Price £2.99
Jersey Needles - Assorted Size 70/80/90 -5pk
SKU# schmetz-0703525
 Price £2.79
Stretch Needles Size 90 -5pk
SKU# 0703503
 Price £2.99
Embroidery Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles
SKU# schmetz-130/705HE
 Price £3.49  Today £2.99
Stretch Needles Assorted 75/90 -5pk
SKU# 0708258
 Price £2.75
Microtex Needles - Size 60/70/80 -5pk
SKU# schmetz-0706441
 Price £2.99
Embroidery Needles - Size 75/90 -5pk
SKU# 0706579
 Price £2.75
Out of stock
Hemstitch Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles
SKU# schmetz-130/705HWING-100
 Price £3.49  Today £2.99
Triple/Drilling Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles
SKU# schmetz-130/705HDRI-3.0/80
 Price £4.85  Today £3.99
Jeans Needles Assorted 90/100/110 -5pk
SKU# 0708154-3
 Price £2.75
Leather Needles - Size 80/90/100 -5pk
SKU# schmetz-0703547
 Price £2.99
Quilting Needles - Assorted Size 75/90 -5pk
SKU# schmetz-0706568
 Price £2.99
Schmetz Double Eye Needles - Size 80 -5pk
SKU# 0702909
 Price £3.29

Standard equipment for many domestic sewing and overlock machine sold these days.

The Schmetz brand is well know for quality, I say this because not all needles are the same. We are constantly reminded of that fact. Customers bring their machines in telling us of the stitching problem they have. Upon investigation we do find the problem, a low quality needle. Its a easy fix for thread looping and snagging... run your thumb nail down the needle a few times, it should feel super smooth. Now do the same with a low quality needle and you will feel your thumb nail catching the tiny imperfections along the needle length!

All these needle listed here with the machine fitments are all domestic sewing or overlock models which take the regular needle type 15x1, 130/705 or HAx1.

No matter what your stitching, repairing or making yo can find the correct needle here.

We have Schmetz for embroidery, topstitching, quilting, stretch fabrics, cottons, jeans or denim, leather, or jersey fabrics.

We also have some very special double eye needles. That is one eye above the other. You can thread your machine with two different colours threads, then thread one colour through the lower eye and the other thread through the upper eye. Set your machine to sew a decorative stitch, you'll be very surprised at the lovely two colour stitch results. Be warned, you can't sew too fast using there needles.

I must point you to look at the quick / easy threading needles. Once inserted in to the machine as normal just slide the thread down the side of the needle and hey-presto the thread magically is threaded through the needle eye.! Yes, through a tiny latch at the side of the needle, so narrow it is hard to see.

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