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Digitizer MBX V5.5 (254761009) is the newest embroidery software from Janome. It used the powerful Wilcom stitch creation engine for professional digitized files! New layout and improved features over its predecessor. Digitize manually like the professionals in no time or while your learning you can auto digitize with new tools. Janome hoops are already built into the program. You can create your own hoop if need be and save the design files in most embroidery formats
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This in the newest version 5.5 of Janome MBX digitizing software. It has lots of improved features over its predecessor, and a totally different layout of tools, which we will be talking about later. It’s the high end version aimed at users who want to be able to create professional realistic looking embroidery designs, yet it is user friendly and easy to use, thank to the layout!  New exciting tools and many block fill types and even a option to create you own design stamps. Most of the Janome hoops are already built into the program, however, you can create your own hoop size if need be, which is great for digitizing designs for other embroidery machine brands which can be saved in even more file formats.

If you want the ability to create your very own embroidery designs with no limiting factors, then the Janome version 5.5 Digitizer MBX software is what you should be looking at.

At first Digitizer MBX v5.5 boot up, you will notice the new screen layout, It works so will it make you think why didn’t Janome program it like this 10 years ago!  Plus the digitizing is faster that previous versions, there’s no 1/2 second delay between clicking the mouse button and seeing the block digitized on screen.

You can customise the on screen layout; however it works very well straight out the box with the main drop down toolbar menu on the left where you can manage your library of designs, choose and customise designs, add lettering or add monograms, edit artwork, auto-digitize, edit objects, digitize, appliqué tools, Advanced digitizing, cutwork and stumpwork, layout, multi-hooping and output or save a design, each has other options as well, and that’s just the left menu titles..!

The centre screen is where the design creation takes place as it should be. MBX has the usual option for background colour, fabric background, zoom, hoop, imperial or metric, centre design and more.

To the right is another screen section that automatically fills with options form your selection on the left. It sounds complex, but it’s not. It makes the left menu static and always the same and nice to know where the main functions are.
For example, select "lettering and monogramming" left toolbar tab drops down with a four options Lettering, Monogramming, Reshape, Break Apart, in reality these are the only item that need to be in this main list. Selecting Lettering for instance will populate the right menu with all the lettering option which is vast. Digitizer MBX 5.5 is well implemented and is quick to understand and from a personal point of view, not having to think about how to find digitizing options I want to use is a massive plus point. Tools, menus and on screen layout Janome MBX version 5.5 gets a 10/10 from me.

Use the available drawing tools and digitize by hand, with options to blend, cut and fill holes, create outlines, free-hand shapes or lines, add angles or if that sounds too much for a beginner, take the easy option auto-digitizing and use graphic images from scanned artwork, clipart or digital cameras to create your very own unique embroidery design or applique. Or somewhere in between and click-to-embroidery, that’s a halfway between automatic and hand digitizing, you select the thread colour, the satin or weave fill, direction options and use your mouse to click on the artwork colour and hey-presto that image section of colour is turned in to stitches.

Designs can be saved or converted in most embroidery formats. In addition to the new stitches there’s is artwork or Image preparation and outlined Image preparation tools.

Janome's Digitizer MBX v5.5 latest version (replaces Digitizer Pro, Digi 11000 and Digitizer MB, MBX v4) has powerful features that are popular among advanced embroiderers. The stitch digitizing engine is powered by industrial digitizing leading player “Wilcom” This professional version gives you extra capabilities, reading and writing to even more embroidery file formats.

It has the ability to save or export a digitized design that you have created or modified directly to the machine or more lightly to a USB memory stick, in these file formats:
For Janome/Elna/Kenmore JEF, JPX,SEW, EMD.
Brother  PES, PEC
Bernina EXP.
Husqvarna Viking/Pfaff SHV, HUS, VIP, VP3, PCS, PCD, PCQ, PCM.
Singer XXX, CSD.
Melco EXP.
Tajima DST.

MBX v5 can open any of the above formats, plus the all-in-one design formats like:
Wilcom EMB,EMX.
Janome/Elna  JAN, JEF+, END.
Bernina ART, ARX, v5-7 ART, v1-5 ART, ART42.
Barudan U??.
Melco CND.
Great Notions GNC.
Design templates EMT, AMT, JMT
I know! To most people that will mean nothing, but to the rest of us, it means you can open and edit most of the embroidery design you could find on the internet for other brands of embroidery machine like Brother, Husqvarna, Pfaff, Singer, Elna, Baby lock, Bernina and not just Janome.

Advanced Editing
With Digitizer MBX v5.5 you can fine tune designs down to individual stitches. You can adjust designs to get perfect embroidery. Unlimited editing possibilities!

Fantastic Textures
Adding texture to embroidery is a great way to make it visually more exciting. It has more than 130 fill stitch variations to choose from. The program also includes a great selection of motif fills for creating delicate, filigree styles.

Automatic Applique
DigitizerMBX unique applique feature works at the touch of a button to create perfect applique. And it automatically generates placement lines, tacking stitches and border stitches.

Amazing Outlines
Digitizer MBX v5.5 can create running stitch, satin stitch, and motif run outlines for a perfect edge or to add extra detail to a design. You have full control over stitch length, width and density.

Resizing Designs
With Digitizer MBX you can resize designs and maintain their original stitch density. The program adjusts the stitch count and underlay automatically so the finished design looks as good as the original. You can import designs in all major machine formats to re-size for your chosen hoop or project.

Mirror and Rotate Designs
Designs can be rotated by a single degree to get the perfect position for your project. Stitches can also be angled within a motif to add shading and depth. With Janome Digitizer MBX v5 you can duplicate designs and mirror them, or use the Copy and Paste tools to create large embroideries. Now you can easily create a range of designs based around a theme, with matching corner and border patterns.

Beautiful Colours
Create realistic looking natural objects such as flowers and animals using stitch blending and shading. All sorts of rich colours can be created in this way and the feather edge feature means you can achieve natural looking effects and recreate the look of hand stitching.

Text and Monograms
Add text or monograms to your projects and create personal items or gifts. Text can be manipulated in different directions, stretched, skewed or curved, and the program includes a great selection of ready-made borders to add the finishing touch. Choose from over 100 pre-digitized fonts, plus you can create additional ones using the True-Type fonts installed on your computer.

Design Gallery
Digitizer MBX includes a design gallery for storing, displaying and retrieving designs easily. All your work can be stored and filed in one central library. And you can also browse and select embroideries from CDs, USBs or cards. It supports all major machine formats so designs can be converted from one format to another, either singly or as a group.

Adjust Designs For Different Fabrics
Adjusting embroidery for fabrics that stretch or distort is easy using the "stretchiness allowance" and "pull compensation" features. You can select the type of fabric and the degree of stretch and the Janome Digitizer MBX software will do the rest, including automatically adjusting the underlay.

Do I need to have a dongle attached to my PC.?
This new MBX version 5 is ready to install on to a Window’s 7 or above PC directly from the CD, You will need the product key (included) to unlock the software, no dongle is needed.  

What is possible with this software ?
This really is one of the easiest digitizing software packages to use. Many of these embroidery designs we sell have been digitized with this software!  On a personal note, I have digitized highland dancers, bally shoes, cars, motorcycles, club logos, large names for banners, Christmas tree decorations and even added kids names to football boots! So just about anything is possible.

Which machine can i use this software with ?
If you own a Janome machine, the MC15000, MC12000, MC11000, MC10000, MC9900, MC10001, MC500, MC350e, MC200e or MB4. You would save the designs directly to a USB memory stick, then insert directly into the machine via its USB connection. This is also method you would use to import designs for other machine brands.

On the Janome MC9700, MC9500 and MC300e you would use the optional USB card read/writer kit attached to your PC where you can save your designs to flash card, which can then be inserted into the card port of the MC9700, MC9500 and MC300e.

If you own another embroidery machine brand you can still use this software, but you may also need some sort of device to get the designs from your PC into the machine to stitch out, usually just a USB memory stick does the trick. 

Whats the difference between the JR and MBX version..?
The JR is the junior version for users what don’t need the ability to edit individual elements of a embroidery design. The JR version has limited file type saving options and design editing. 

What are the minimum computer requirements..?
Windows  7, 8.1 or 10 running 32bit or 64bit operating system. 4GB Memory, 80GB Hard disk space and a DVD drive. USB port.

Manufacturer Janome
Model Number Digitizer MBX v5.5
Type Software

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  1. Overall rating
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    Bradford Arkansas in United States
    Great Great. I am so happy with my purchase. I thought it would take a while for it to get here. But when I ordered it. It said four days. When it shipped out they were right. Only four days. YAY. I am a happy camper. Sew sew sew. Will buy from y'all again. Thanks Shirley

    Posted on August 25, 2017

  2. Overall rating
    Review by From
    Chapel Hill
    I purchased this software to go with my 15000, I have been digitizing for 20 years and find this program quite wonderful.

    Posted on May 22, 2016

  3. Overall rating
    Review by From
    I purchased the digitizer pro a year ago and it is brilliant however, i have just lost my dongle and janome will not send a new one even though i have offered to pay for a new one...I have to buy the whole kit again.
    I have the original box etc. I do a lot of digitizing but have to say I will never buy a Janome product again that i cant replace the parts for...so be aware and if you are one of those people who have purchased or are going to purchase this product please take care of the dongle..... without it you cannot access the programme.

    STAFF: Yes without the dongle which is 90% of the purchase the software is useless!

    Posted on May 8, 2009

  4. Overall rating
    Review by From
    London UK
    I have the Digitizer mb and the updates are nice, its a good package made even better with this version

    Lettering Enhancements, you now have 4 new mongram fonts and can add ornamental accents to monograms.
    User defined hoops. Yes you now have the ability to create user defined hoop sizes for compatibility with other sewing machine brands.

    Enhanced motifs. You can now set size and space of motifs numerically to allow easy coping and exact settings in motif fills. Your new blackwork motifs.
    Insert color change. Easily insert a manual color change into any object for multi-color embroidery. MA hoop support and automatic design splitting for the MA hoop. Save a large design in the Macro hoop as a JEF file and it will automatically split.

    You can now read and write PES V5, PES V6, PCM, EMD, VIP, VP3

    Improved print option for a worksheet. Print the fabric in the background, print the color layers, print the applique shapes and assembly.
    Some features relate only to the MB4

    Posted on April 27, 2008

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