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Enter the world of commercial embroidery with your own pop up business. This 10 needle, semi professional Brother PR1055x embroidery machine will have you selling your work in no time and with the highest quality of stitching. Lets get the ball rolling
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I am delighted to have the opportunity to tell you about the Brother PR1055X Professional Embroidery Machine. This is an excellent machine and a standalone business in its own right. All you need to do is buy one of these, become your own boss and enter the world of professional and industrial embroidery. The PR1055 is similar to the Brother PR670e but with loads of additional advanced features which I will try and briefly tell you about. One of the main features that sets this machine apart from other's is the Cylinder Arm. Because of the size and design of the free arm, you can embroider anything from socks, caps, towels, horse blankets, jackets even football boots!

Presently we can offer 12 months 0% FINANCE OPTION and low rate 36 months finance starting at less than £73 per week ..! Apply on-line by using the link and your new Brother PR1055x could be with you with-in a few days.

This machine can do the lot.

There are 140 built in designs and a huge array of 37 built-in fonts, all with variable sizes in "UPPER" and "LOWER" case; these can all be modified by tilting, curving, slanting and rotating, even editing individual letters. All of these come in very handy when personalising anything, especially baby clothes, bibs, changing mats, buggy covers etc. for which there is a huge demand. As your business gradually grows, so will demand and profit, so to help you keep up with demand, you can buy another PR1055X and link them together to increase simultaneous production, so they can cope with the demand for your personalised goods. Read more about the PR business opportunities this machine can bring. However here is a basic indication taken from our PR business guide to give you a bit of an idea of the potential profits to be made by owning this machine.

Polo Shirt*




Team Jackets*


Suggested retail price £15.00 Suggested retail £10.00 Suggested retail £50.00
Your wholesale price for a shirt £4.50 Your wholesale price for a Cap £2.50 Your wholesale price for a Jacket £25.00
supplies to personlise
(thread, backing, etc)
£0.50 Supplies to personlise
(thread, backing, etc)
£0.50 Supplies to personlise
(thread, backing, etc)
Less your cost £5.00 Less your cost £3.00 Less your cost £26.00
Your Gross Profit £10.00 Your Gross Profit £7.00 Your Gross Profit £24.00

Brother have many additional accessories you can add on to the Brother PR range machine which will make it even more versatile. Let me explain a little bit about some of those accessories, so that you see the huge potential for this machine and your business.

Cutwork Kit PRCW1 This needle cutwork kit is also a software package that will allow you to create your own custom cutwork designs; you can embroider a patch, badge or applique and cut it out without even having to change a needle.

Baseball Cap Frame Assembly PRPCF1 Quite simply for attaching caps to your machine to embroider custom designs onto the peak, front or sides of any hat or cap. Link (opens in new window)

Cylinder Frame Complete Set PRCL1 Even if it's cylindrical it can be embroidered on this machine using the Cylinder frame. Ideal for bags, shirts, jacket sleeves or even trouser legs. Link (opens in new window)

PR Clamp Frame RPCLP45B and PR Clamp Frame Left & Right PRCLP45LR These are my favorites; they allow you to be able to embroider tiny areas, usually thought to be inaccessible such as shoes, boots, pockets (outer), gloves, cuffs, bags and belts. Have you ever wondered how footballers boots get personalised...well here’s your answer!

Using the Scan kit PRSCANKIT1 You can create your own embroidery designs quickly and easily! This powerful and unique feature enables you to scan clip art, image files, or drawing directly on the PR1055x, then view and edit it on the large touch screen. Link (opens in new window)

The PR Stand PRNSTD That’s right you can even get a purpose-built stand for your PR machine. This is on wheels so it is easily maneuvered. It locks down your machine and the wheels so it is very sturdy indeed and has loads of storage for all of your hoops and various attachments. Link (opens in new window)

The Double Sided Clamp Frame PRCLP100B The quick and easy set 100x100mm clamp frame has a velvet type material for holding fabrics gently but firmly. On the flip side is a rubber seal for slippery difficult materials. The clamp frame is only available for the PR1055X.

The Sleeve Arm Frame PRHSL200 A handy sized frame to have at just 70x200mm its perfect for those difficult areas such as sleeves, trouser legs or baby garments and child's clothing.

Compact or "S" Frames PRS100 Like on the recently released VR machine the new PR 1055x has it's very own set of  four "S" frames available. These compact beauties allow you to reach the smallest of spaces like pockets, shoulder sockets and cuffs, these are an optional extra.

New frames have been introduced for the PR1055x. The Magnetic SASH frame, Tubular frame and Flat brim cap frame set to complement the baseball cap frame.

There are also tons of key features on the Brother PR1055X embroidery machine. I will highlight a few important key features. To see these key features, take a look at the images I have created for this machine. They show many more features and I have included a small description about them for you.

Advanced Key Features of the PR1055x:

37 Fonts with over 944 designs more that your fair share of font's available, including monogram designs.

Bigger Screen Now boasting a 10.1 Bright HD touch screen.

On-Screen Design Editing Great not only for larger designs but you can group smaller designs, zoom in upto 1600%. Redo/undo function, 36 decorative fills, 17 line options, change letter spacing, colour, size, angle, and arc. NEW Quilt Saching function with 25 options.  

Custom Draw Sketch directly on-screen and edit your custom design, choose decorative fill patterns with separate stitch settings to create unique designs, Or scan much fast with high quality, scan an area 5x faster than previous models. Now only 14 seconds, improved from 77 seconds.

WIFI Connectivity Follow the progress of your project and get alerts with My Stitch monitor mobile app.

InnovEye Plus Camera Quality Fitted with a much improved 1M px Camera recording at 180 frames per second.

Live Camera Positioning The Live Camera Positioning and Real Time Viewing allows the screen to simulate the pattern and therefore allow more accurate positioning.

Larger Embroider area of 360 x 200 Great not only for larger designs but you can fit smaller designs in like patches too.

10 Needles This is a ten-needle machine, and that means, less thread changing and more ease of use. Plus, remember the PR1055x has automatic needle threading at the press of a button!

Colour sequencing You can change the sequence a needle stitches depending on the colour that is already threaded up. No need to swap threads, just tell it which needle to use at what stage during the embroidery.

Variable needle speed Set the sewing speed for individual needles when using obscure threads such as metallic or holographic thread.

Smart Progress Management New way to intuitively manage forward/back & progress! After cutting threads between colours or blocks, it accelerates at 30% fast than previous to reach top-stitching speed of 1000 spm.

Sound reduction The latest PR1055x has thicker shafts and improved gears to reduce sound emissions by up to 8%

LED thread Indicator Under every spool of thread there is a bright LED light indicator that will display which colour should be threaded up. Great for just a quick visual check.

Link Capability The ability to link extra PR1055x models via a PC using the PE Design software, link up to four machines.

My Design Centre Draw Directly on the Screen, Use the included stylus to draw directly on the LCD display and see your designs or handwriting instantly spring to life in the large drawing area.

That was just a quick taster of some of the fabulous features, As I have said, there are many, many more features which are shown on our images.

Accurately stipple anywhere on any project. Add stippling or fill to any embroidery design, whether built-in or imported. Import your saved outline, choose from 10 new built-in decorative fill patterns or stipple stitch and the machine does the rest. NEW! INSIDE & OUTSIDE AUTO STIPPLE AND FILL PATTERN You can even combine shapes and apply inside or outside stippling. Create 3D Trapunto-like projects using the new save outline feature.

Now seeing as I've told you about the "additional" accessories, it seems only fitting to also tell you about the Brother PR1055x standard accessories that come with every PR1055x that we sell.

Standard Accessories:

As well as the large table rest which fits perfectly along side the slender free-arm, four hoops are included. Extra large embroidery frame 360 x 200mm, large embroidery frame 180 x 130mm, medium frame 100 x 100mm, small frame 40 x 60mm.

Plus an accessory tray, 2 x needle packs, 6 x pre-wound bobbins, 10 x spool nets, seam ripper, scissors, tweezers, touch pen, needle changer and threader, needle plate spacer, philips screwdriver, standard screw driver, allen key driver, special offset and disc screw driver, wrench, oil, cleaning brush, weight, 2 x USB cord clamps, 10 x spool mats with spool caps, USB cable, extra large embroidery sheet 360 x 200mm, Large sheet 180 x 130mm, medium sheet 100 x 100mm, small sheet 40 x 60mm, camera positioning stickers, two embroidery frame holders A and B (large and small). A good operation manual and quick reference guide and power cord.

More additional accessories:

Wide cap frame set, wide cap frame, advanced cap frame II set, advanced cap frame II, mounting jig, cylinder frame set, cylinder frame, quilt frame, border frame, jumbo frame 360 x 360 mm, round frame set, small round frame 100mm, medium round frame 130mm, large round frame 160mm, Embroidery frame holder C, flat frame, 300 x 200mm embroidery frame, metal bobbins, embroidery card reader, stand alone bobbin winder, Blank embroidery card, USB mouse, positioning sticker sheet.

We also have fully trained engineers who service and repair the Brother PR machines nationwide. For more information regarding our service and repair prices don't hesitate to contact us

As much as we would like to get this fabulous PR1055 to you using our fast overnight shipping, this is simply not possible due to the box dimensions and weight. Delivery can take between 2 to 4 days.

UPC 4977766705325
Manufacturer Brother
Model Number PR1055X
Type Embroidery Only
Warranty Full Manufacturers Warranty
Weight Kg 37
Size (Height, Width, Depth) 51cm(W) x 58cm(D) x 58cm(H)
Variable Electronic Speed Control No
Bobbin Access Front Loading
Transparent bobbin cover Bobbin Cover No
Hard Carrying or Storage Cover No
Automatically Tensions Thread No
Integrated Needle Threader Yes
Thread End Cutting Automatic
Number of Stitch Selections 1800
Popular Stitch Functions Applique, Plus decorative patterns
Formation of Buttonholes None
Variety of Buttonholes 0
Twin Needle No
Maximum Speed Limit Adjustment Yes
Needle Up/Down Function Yes
Integrated Dual Feed System No
Integrated Fabric Feed Lowering Yes
Hook Movement Smooth Rotary Action
Needle Positions Centre Only
Tutorial CD / DVD No
Voltage 220-240 Volts

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    I upgraded to this machine from a single needle Brother 800e embroidery, and what a huge difference. The computerised functions are amazing at what can be done on the screen. It embroiders perfectly and super fast too. Ideal for my custom car seat embroidery.

    Posted on August 29, 2020

  2. Overall rating
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    Awesome machine

    Posted on May 3, 2017

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