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Hand Sewing Needles

High quality Hand Sewing Needles for Craft Dressmaking Patchwork & Quilting. All types of sewing needles for Repairs, Tapestry, Beading, Quilting, Darning, Embroidery, Crewels and even special pointed needles to sew Leather others that are safe for children, plus easy threading needles!

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  1. Prym Needle Threaders

    Prym Needle Threaders

    Quality Needle Threader...
  2. Tapestry Needles for hand sewing

    Tapestry Hand Sewing Needles

    Tapestry needles have a blunt rounded point to slip between canvas smoothly...
  3. Hand sewing needles for wool and years

    Knitters Hand Sewing Needles

    With large eye for wool and yarns for sewing knitwear seams...
  4. Beading needles

    Beading Hand Sewing Needles

    Long and fine for threading beads and sequins....
  5. Quilting Or Betweens Hand Sewing Needles

    Quilting Or Betweens Hand Sewing Needles

    Short fine needles with a small rounded eye for quick even stitching on quilts....
  6. Darning Hand Sewing Needles

    Darning Hand Sewing Needles

    Extra long with long eyes for mending work...
  7. Easythread hand sewing needles

    Easythread Hand Sewing Needles

    Easythread!!! slotted eye into which thread is placed. BEST SELLER...
  8. Leather Hand Sewing Needles

    Leather Hand Sewing Needles

    Triangular point pierces without tearing leather....
  9. Household Assortment Of Hand Sewing Needles

    Household Assortment Of Hand Sewing Needles

    Household pack to suit that everyday sewing job...
  10. Plastic hand sewing needles

    Plastic Hand Sewing Needles

    Plastic safety needles for children. Discount for lage orders....
  11. Two needle threaders

    Universal Needle Threader Pack of 2

    Our best selling needle threader for sewing machine or hand sewing needles. Use its plastic handle to pick it up easier!...

    Price: £1.20

    Today! £0.99

  12. Embroidery or Crewel Needles

    Embroidery Crewel Hand Sewing Needles

    Embroidery needles, or crewel needles, have a large eye to accommodate flosses and yarns...
  13. Chenille needles

    Chenille Hand Sewing Needles

    Chenille needles have a sharp point with a longer eye petrfect for craft use...
  14. Doll Needles

    Doll Needles For Soft Toy Enthusiasts

    Used by soft toy enthusiasts and teddy bear makers plus many other sewing craft projects....
  15. Needle Applicator and brush

    Handy Needle Applicator And Lint Brush

    Need help to insert a needle into a overlocker or sewing machine this needle applicator tool does the trick...
  16. Prym Hand gauge

    Prym Hand gauge

    Multi purpose measuring tool...
  17. Prym Darning Needles short with gold eye assorted

    Prym Darning Needles short with gold eye assorted

    Quality Darning Needles...
  18. Needle threader with magnifier

    Needle Threader With Magnifier

    Built in magnifier to assist threading by enlarging eye of needle....
  19. Wool needle threader

    Needle Threader for Wool or Yarn

    Need help to assistance threading wool through the eye of a needle?...

    Out of stock

  20. Self threaded sewing needle repair kit

    Pre-Threaded Needle Kit For Instant Repairs

    Handy instant repairs with pre-threaded needles with various thread colours...

    Price: £1.59

    Today! £1.39

    As low as: £1.30
  21. Prym Wool and tapestry needles

    Prym Wool and tapestry needles

    Assorted Wool and Tapestry Needles...
  22. Repair Set of Hand Sewing Needles

    Hand Sewing Needle Repair Set

    Repair Set includes, Leather needle, Sack needle, Curved needles, Canvas needle, Carpet needles and more...
  23. Gold Plated hand sewing needles

    Gold Plated Hand Sewing Needles

    Anti allege gold plated tapestry sewing needles. Available in two assorted packs of 4...
  24. Snag repair tool

    Snag Repair Needle

    Excellent tool for repairing snags in wovens, knits and upholstery etc....
  25. Prym Needle Grabber

    Prym Needle Grabber

    Super grippy needle grabbers...
  26. Extra long ball pointed bodkin

    Extra Long Ball Point Bodkin Needle

    Extra long ball point bodkin for ribbon weaving, inserting elastic and turning bias tubing etc.....
  27. Pinch Bodkins

    Bodkins For Elastic And Ribbons

    Used for threading ribbons, fine elastic and rouleau the pinch bodkin grabs elastic and holds it securely until ready for release....
  28. Curved hand sewing needles

    Curved Hand Sewing Needles

    Curved for repairs to lampshades, mattresses, car seats, upholstery, toys etc......

    Price: £2.64

    Today! £1.75

    As low as: £1.59
  29. Prym Quilters Finger Guard Adjustable Size

    Prym Quilters Finger Guard Adjustable Size

    Adjustable Finger guard/Thimble...
  30. Dressmakers Sewing Tweezers

    Dressmakers Sewing Tweezers

    Quality fine point for embroidery, overlocking and sewing machinists...

Items 1 to 30 of 34 total

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