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Original replacement Zip Fasteners for clothing available for Coats, Dresses and Trousers. Famous name YKK & Opti Zippers in the UK to make near Invisible attachments with Concealed zippers for basque and wedding dresses. Our huge range includes speciality zips like open end, denim zips, clear, 2-way and strong metal zips for jeans and leather jackets.

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  1. Skirt and Trouser Zip

    Skirt And Trouser Nylon Zips

    For repair or construction of garments, good quality non-slip zip for pants and skirt, that wont let you down!...
  2. Nylon Zips for Dresses

    Dress Zips

    To repair or alter of to be used while sewing dresses long nylon zips good quality non-slip zip sizes 12" (30cm) to 22" (55cm)...
  3. Concealed Zip Selection

    Concealed Zips

    Dont confuse this zip with other weak lightweight types! Only by using the correct concealed zip will you achieve a professional dressmakers finish!...
  4. Transparant Zips for dresses and skirts

    Fine Transparent Zips

    This is a fine clear transparent zip which can be used on dresses and skirts, ideal to be used when the perfect coloured zipper can not be found. 8" (2cm) to 22" (55cm) sizes!...
  5. Denim Blue Zips

    Jeans Zips In Denim Blue

    Special washed out Jeans zips. High quality short 5" also regular sizes 6", 7" and 8" zips with heavy duty brass zipper with non-slip puller!...
  6. Heavy Duty Zips For Trousers

    Trouser Jeans Heavy Duty Zip With Gold Teeth

    Strong Brass coloured metal tooth zip with auto-lock slider and heavy metal teeth. Alailable is small size!...
  7. Metal Trouser Zip

    Trouser Zip With Non Slip Metal Teeth

    Strong Opti trouser zip with Silver metal zip and puller also locks in position. Popular colours 6" (15cm) and 8" (20cm) sizes and Black zips in super small sizes down to 3" (8cm) which are ideal for hipsters....
  8. Transparant Zips for Garments

    Open End Transparent Zips

    No you see it.. now you don't! Clear transparent open end zips are used when the perfect coloured zip can not be found. Size range from 10" (25cm) to 30" (76cm) sizes...
  9. Medium Weight Open End Zip

    Medium Weight Open End Zip For Coats

    Open ended for coats, kids clothes and less heavy weight projects, Being not so chunky makes the zip less visible after insertion. 10" (25cm) and 16" (40cm) sizes!...
  10. Metal Open End Jacket Zip BlacK

    Metal Open End Jacket Zip Black

    Metal Zip for Jackets sizes from 12" upto 30" suitable for heavy weight jackets and leathers!...
  11. Maxi Open End Strong Jacket Zip

    Open End Strong Maxi Jacket Zip

    Strong MAXI open end Jacket zips are made to last.! they have chunky teeth. Available sizes range from 16" (40cm) to 30 " (75cm)!...

11 Item(s)

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