Pfaff Ruffler Pleater Attachment

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Video description:
The ruffler or sometimes called a pleater sews small, individually adjustable tucks. The ruffler can be set to ruffle after every sixth stitch, every twelfth stitch or after every stitch. Perfect for sewing clothing or home decorating items.

Ruffler makes closely or widely spaced pleats automatically while sewing. Very useful for ruffles, frills, home textiles, etc.

Ruffler can be used in three different ways:

1. Folding and securing pleats in fabric.

2. Folding pleats in fabric and securing to second fabric in one operation.

3. Folding pleats in fabric, attaching lace and securing to another fabric in one operation.

Stitch: 1

Stitch length: 3

Tension: 3 - 5

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