Singer Blind Hem Foot

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This video shows an example on how to use the Singer Blind Hem Foot Wide Snap On Type. When your ready select another video tutorial, demo or how-to sewing machine feet and accessories video from the list below.

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Video description:
The Blind hem is used in fashion sewing. Learn how to use the Singer presser foot for sewing a blind hem properly with this sewing machine instructional video. An array of presser feet and attachments are available to perform a variety of tasks. They are designed to help you achieve professional results while saving time and effort. Learn how to use yours correctly!

1. Raise presser foot and fit the bind hem foot.
2. Raise needle.
3. Turn power on.
4. Fold hem to wrong side.
5. Pin or baste in place.
6. Fold hem back as shown.
7. Loosen screw to install and adjuct blindstitch width guide.
8. Tighten screw.
9. Turn power on.
10. Place folded edge against blindstitch guide.
11. Sew, allowing wide stitches to enter edge of fold.
12. Turn fabric to right side and press.

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