Pfaff Stitch in the Ditch Quilting Foot

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This video shows an example on how to use the Pfaff Stitch In The Ditch 1/4inch Quilting Foot Middle Guide. When your ready select another video tutorial, demo or how-to sewing machine feet and accessories video from the list below.

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Video description:
This foot now has 1/4inch guides, which makes it even better for quilting and patchwork while being easy to use.
Set machine for straight stitch. Needle position will vary according to stitching position desired.

For narrow edge topstitching, place centre guide of presser foot against fabric edge.

Move needle into desired left position and topstitch.

Stitch: 1

Stitch length: 2.5

Tension: 3 - 5

Quilting: Position blade of foot in DITCH between joined fabrics. Change needle position to desired distance from ditch.

Lace/Edge Joining: Position lace or finished fabric edges on either side of blade of foot and join together with zigzag or decorative stitch.

Sewing lace to fabric: Place folded/pressed edge of fabric to left of centre guide and finished edge of lace to right of centre guide. Place both fabric and lace under foot, right side up. Center guide keeps fabrics properly separated to allow more precise stitching. Choose zigzag stitch no. 3 and sew, catching edge of fabric and lace. Adjust width and length of zigzag as desired.

Stitch: 3

Stitch length: 1 - 3.0

Stitch width: 1.5 - 3.5

Tension: 3 - 5

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