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Yes, we have loads of sewing machine reviews.! If your looking for product reviews and ratings you can access all the information right here.

No we're not going to tell you which sewing machine is the best value or the most reliable..! we're going to let users, in fact our customers tell you them selves..!

Presently we have over 1000 reviews on all type of sewing related products. Choosing a new sewing machine can be a tough decision. Lots of machines look similar but all stitch in a different way. At any time when you want independent advice call us. We only sell leading brands and can advise on the best model for you needs.

We often here..., how long it is likely to last? will it sew heavy fabric? how many stitches does it have? how easy is it to use? Use these consumer product reviews, rating stars and buying advice pages to help make the most informed decision of which model and where to purchase. Don't forget we offer 30 day returns if you still not 100% sure.



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  • Review by Yolanda I.


    I am extremely pleased with the high level of professional service offered by you. Excellent speedy delivery ... what can I say about the machine itself?! ABSOLUTELY THE BEST! Its been more than a few years since I last tried one but with the Singer 7463 it was like hopping on a bike again ... one never really forgets and this Singer model is superb, very easy to use and I have to say it is a TOP OF THE RANGE model indeed !!! Extremely pleased with my Singer 7463 and your excellent service. Thank you very much.

    Location: Madrid, Spain

    Posted on 8th of March 2008

  • Review by Viv Green


    Smooth running easy stitch change but have not managed auto threader so am still manually threading - delivery and phone service excellent

    Location: Crawley

    Posted on 6th of March 2008

  • Review by Nancy


    Everything this machine does is easy. 1 step buttonhole is EASY! selection of stitches EASY, my six year old can operate this machine! I am not a quilter but use this machine every week.

    Location: Kingston, Surrey

    Posted on 26th of November 2007

  • Review by Francesca


    I have recently received my first sewing machine! I have tried a few stitches and the result is very nice. I'm looking forward to having more time to play with it.

    Location: Cambridge

    Posted on 8th of September 2007

  • Review by Wendy Symes


    I have the Pfaff 1546 and its the best thing since sliced bread! Its easy to use, almost fool-proof and its sews beautifully. Wish that I had bought a Pfaff before instead of up dating my old Frister Rossman with another well-known brand

    Location: France

    Posted on 11th of July 2007

  • Review by Kevilou


    It is a great little machine that I would recommend to any novice or expert. I have waited for years to own my own rather than reluctantly borrow my mums! It has been worth the wait. I have played with the stitches and found the instruction book easy to follow, until I tried button holes. Still got that to achieve but with practice Im sure I will get there. It is disappointing that it doesnt have a hard cover (like mums), but I will just have fun creating a new one on my machine!

    Location: Cambridgeshire

    Posted on 9th of July 2007

  • Review by Jayne


    I have had a Janome 423 for 3 years and it is wonderful. Sews beautifully and consistently. Is easy to operate and I am such a fan. It is a wonderful machine for beginners and experienced sewers alike. I can find no faults with this machine.

    Location: North Wales

    Posted on 24th of May 2007

  • Review by Gill Winter


    I ordered the machine on Sunday evening and it was delivered Tuesday am. Brilliant service! Very impressed with machine so far especially the auto thread and buttonhole features. Very easy and clear instruction manual and thanks for my scissors.

    Location: Chingford, London

    Posted on 2nd of February 2007

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